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Updated: Jun 11, 2020

I always loved drawing and making things with my hands as a child. When an adult would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say: 'an artist'. However, as I grew older anytime I would reply: 'an artist' I'd be told that 'artists don't make any money while they're alive' or 'you'll die poor, you better think of something else!

Growing up and becoming an adult my passion for art has never subsided but the more rational 'adult' advice that I'd been given growing up forced me to push making an actual living of my artwork to the back burner. However, over the years as I look around, I see that artists are indeed making a living from their art, living from sharing their creativity, talents, hard work and passion.

Every day I try to focus on building my skills with my art and other areas of my life, as a mother, as an artist.

My artwork reflects and mirrors my life as a single mother. It is how I take time to appreciate the small and beautiful things in life that we often miss in our often hectic lives. My imaginary landscapes help me to dream and escape to a beautiful peaceful place of quiet and stillness.

I invite you follow me on my journey by signing up to my site so you can receive updates on new artworks and offers.

Thanks for reading :)

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