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My 100 Day Blog Challenge

OK so yh this is gonna be random as random can be but yh, I've decided to challenge myself to writing a blog post every day for 100 days. Why? Well first of all I want to improve myself as a person as always and secondly I actually want to break through what I believe is a great barrier in my life and that is the ability to communicate my thoughts into words.

I'm introverted as I've realised that as I grow wonderfully younger I seem to be regressing in my speech due my lack of enthusiasm to actually open my mouth and let words come out, - you know that thing called talking, yh I really dont like doing that actually. However I do talk to myself A LOT in my mind that is (and maybe sometimes out loud when no ones around doesnt make me crazy does it? Maybe yes- no worries) so in order for my mind not to completely implode on itself and also in the name of self development to improve myself in the skill of writing and being able to articulate myself with words I have as of today the 11th June 2020 in this time of Covid 19 that we live in decided to challenge myself to writing each and every day for 100 days. And who knows maybe there will be some kind of sense or maybe something interesting or entertaining in all this mind babble. Maybe, just maybe I'll learn something new about myself and maybe, just maybe someone will actually read this nonsense and find a little amusement in it.

So me being me I've made a couple of rules just to give some kind of measure to this challenge.

Rule no 1: I will type without stopping for a period of 20 minutes. (really?)

Rule no 2: I will not re-read through any of what I have written before casting it into the world to be judged and critiqued because actually I cant be bothered with that and if I start doing that crap I wont bother writing as most likely I'll put myself off doing the whole thing in the name of perfectionism and not being good enough.

So yh thats it. No more rules. We'll see how this goes insha Allah. Oh yh if you're reading this I am a Muslim lass so i will be using some non English terms every now and then as I'm trying to be straight from the brain to the page here. I promise that I'll translate them insha Allah (God wiling) so don't be afraid or put off, you too could learn something new. Its not a blog about religion but who knows what I'm gonna churn out from my brain over these next 100 days? Don't mind my selfishness but this is more about me than anyone else, I'm just trying to make sense of my minds workings here remember? So really if I do say something stupid don't take it personal. Most likely any criticism will be directed to myself.

So yh I'm already finding this interesting actually because its kinda hard to not stop and go back over what I've already written. That really is a task in and of itself, hm, quite challenging. Hm.

Wow I just checked my word count, almost at 3000, I'm actually impressed. Didn't think I could write that much in less than 20 minutes. Hm, if only I could type faster eh? OK I see that I've now said hm 3 times (now 4) in the last couple of sentences, I think that means I'm running out of language. Who wants to read a blog post where the writer is saying hm? Like actually.

Funny just as I start to feel impressed with myself my mind starts shutting down it seems. (Note to self: don't get impressed with yourself- that's just plain arrogant and also detrimental to brain activity flow. )

Thats me done for today my 20 mins are up.

Thanks for reading, if you have I commend you and apologise for wasting 3 minutes of your life. To make it up here's some art I did recently, that's what I fill my time with to avoid talking and stuff.

Haha, I'm so dumb, its given me the amount of characters and not word count, can I even read? It says 3000 plus characters not words. I haven't even wrote a 1000 words here. So dumb and not impressive at all. Look at that. kmt.

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