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Day 97: The Power of Community Part 3

100 burpees done

So yesterday I mentioned some of the difficulty I had when it came to pricing my work and dealing with clients who were constantly wanting discounts for work or complaining that it was too expensive when in fact I was already cheaper than most decorators. Being a woman working predominately for women has definitely come with its positives and negatives.

I realised that being treated in a way that I didn’t want was actually my own responsibility because I was expecting people to automatically treat me the way I would treat others but the reality everyone is not like that. In order for me to be treated the way that I wanted to be treated and the way that I would treat others with care I would have to learn how to set boundaries. So I learnt and to be honest I’m still learning. Sometimes you think that things are just obvious when life experiences will in fact teach you that they are not.

I have also realised that having a community of women around me that have the same mindset or are driven by goals while also wanting to uplift their peers would be something that I would have to actively seek. I can’t just assume that the community that I’m in will automatically be on the same page as me because they just happen to be in my community or even just because they also have their own business.

Some people have their own businesses but their aims or goals for their business may be very different to mine and for that reason those women who have a different idea of where they want their business to go may feel that you have nothing to share with them. For example these days I’m more focused on my online business, in my WhatsApp business group I have just a few maybe less than five sisters who are using online as a means of selling their products or services in terms of ecommerce and buying directly from a website. Other sisters in the group are using online platforms to market their businesses but predominantly focused on selling in the local community.

As a result of this I have been slowly trying to build an online network of like minded people that I can share with and grow from. Its not the easiest thing in the world but its nice to be able to talk to people who have a similar focus even if its not in the same field as you. I seem to be growing a network at the moment which consists of coaches and educators. I think that this is interesting as I do feel like I have something to share in terms of education wise with my cupping therapy that I do.

Its still early days but I feel that speaking to like minded people and making connections with them is really refreshing and I’m learning so many new things and sometimes its just nice to let off some steam or share experiences. I have realised that I’m not alone in what I want to do and achieve and I am worth more than what my local community have led me to believe. Tomorrow Insha Allah I will talk about how this relates in terms of being an artist directly. For some time now I have been wondering: ‘why don’t Muslims value art?’

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