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Day 96: The Power of Community Part 2

100 burpees done

I come across so many people who seem to only be interested in helping themselves. As if to say that by helping someone else in the slightest would put them in deficit in some way. Help doesn’t need to be financial support, I’m talking simply about cheering someone on, sincerely. What’s wrong with advertising someone else’s business?

Well that was another point of my WhatsApp group that I made, but it seems that its something not many people in the group seem to do at all. I have always encouraged other women in the group to share each others posts to their WhatsApp stories as its so easy to do and I myself have connected many sisters to customers that way.

Almost every time I share another businesses post to my stories I get contacted by someone in my network who is interested in their service. Its true that the best form of advertising is word f mouth, its in this way that I grew my cupping clients to more than 400 to date. I’ve never advertised that I am a cupping therapist or anything like that, its purely been through recommendation. This really means a lot to me as I take my work very seriously and always strive to give my best in whatever I do especially in term of giving someone a good experience.

I feel that if I was good enough for someone to recommend me then this itself is proof as to how good my work is. Obviously I am providing a service that people want so that is the first thing that is important in business apart from the service itself. However, I have found in some of my other endeavours that its really hasn’t been so easy.

One of the main setbacks that I have encountered while being self employed was my lack of confidence in setting reasonable prices or charges for my work. People always want something for less than it actually is which is usually free. Working as a painter and decorator was difficult in the beginning in this regard but I quickly found what I felt was a good method to help me price quotes for work accordingly so that I wouldn’t feel regret working my butt off for next to nothing. I was able to calculate how long it would take me to complete a job and then price accordingly to the effort I would put in but still reasonably price according to what the client would be OK with.

Even then I knew that my prices were less than many men in the business and I had been told by many clients that my work was not only superior but the way I worked was very neat and not intrusive or messy compared to when men had come to do decorating in their homes.

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