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Day 95: The Power of Community Part 1

100 burpees done.

I’m going to issue a pre warning here that the majority of this post will probably not make much sense because as I write I’m trying to come to some kind of conclusions in my mind which may also be incorrect. So bear with me (or not, you don’t have to read this of course) and thank you in advance.

Yesterday I posted the latest episode of The Niqabi Diaries Podcast as I do every week on YouTube and various podcast platforms including iTunes and Spotify (yes, I plugged on purpose). For those of you who don’t know the niqab is the face veil that Muslim women wear and has been quite a controversial topic for quite a few years now not just in non-Muslim countries but in Muslim countries too. The Niqabi Diaries Podcast is there to share the experiences and stories of Muslim women who wear the face veil in their own words and voices.

So yesterday as usual I posted the latest episode and at best within 24 hours I might get around 100 views on YouTube. However yesterday I noticed that withing just 12 hours of uploading my latest post I had over 120 views and I wasn’t even surprised. Why? Why wouldn’t I be surprised? The episode had not featured a sister who is so well know in the Muslim community worldwide as such, she doesn’t have a large social media platform, I actually found her through LinkedIn unlike most of my podcast guests.

What didn’t surprise me about the fact that this sister’s interview which is only about 20 minutes long is that she has a community that supports her. This sister works within her community to support sisters in their self-development and progress to better themselves. I have also joined her group which she mentions in her interview with me in the podcast episode. What made me feel so happy and even proud was that after sharing the link to the episode in the women’s group that she runs on WhatsApp, sisters were commenting and congratulating her and they didn’t just leave it at that, they went to the YouTube upload to like and comment. The video now has over 263 views and 44 likes in just 24 hours which I know is a record for my channel in such a short space of time.

It made me think about how community is so important and that when we help others to grow they also help us to grow. I am questioning myself now as to how much I have done to help others and if I have really done enough? Is it me or am I just not in the right circle of people?

You see I have a large community where I live, over 500 contacts in my community through my cupping therapy and other work that I’ve done. This led me to start a WhatsApp group specifically for the Muslim women in my community who had started their own businesses or were interested in starting their own businesses.

Its not the biggest group, just 61 members including myself but I don regularly have women ask to join the group. The main aim is for sharing ideas and information about business so that we can develop and grow our businesses while networking and supporting each other.

One of the things that prompted me to set it up was that I would meet with so many women that had their own businesses yet they were completely unaware that there was another woman living on the same road as them that also had her own business and often providing a service that they themselves needed or were interested in.

Its funny that when I think about how I started the group about 3 years ago the two main sisters who had really inspired me to get this group going left the business group that I set up within a year or so. One of them had told me later that she didn’t find it beneficial and there were too many people sharing photos of their products within the group which annoyed her. The other sister didn’t mention anything at all but I noticed she has a group on Facebook for her business where she posts updates for customers and that’s great for her. I just thought that it would be nice for those who have more experience to share with those who have less experience but it just doesn’t seem to work like that.

to be continued...

In the meantime you can enjoy this video I took today of a baby frog in my garden this morning (if you lie frogs, if you don't then don't watch)

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