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Day 94: The Mouse in the Wheel with a Dream

100 burpees done.

I did my burpees yesterday too except I forgot to write it in the post yesterday.

I have most definitely been slacking on my posts since I entered the last 15 days. I don’t know why but I’ve been writing my blog posts later and later in the day even when I haven’t been busy. I’ll be up early in the morning and open the word document ready to type and I’ll just leave it the empty for hours and before you know it it’s after 10pm and I haven’t written a single word.

I really wasn’t wrong when I wrote in one of my posts last week that I felt writing everyday had completely emptied my brain of words. Not only can I not write, I feel like I can barely hold a conversation. I’ve never been one for small talk anyways but I feel like I can’t even talk to myself in my own mind which is usually not difficult for me. So much so that even with my writing now I have to talk about the fact that I’m finding it difficult to write so that I’ve got something to write about.

It’s probably all just gonna be a great pile of mess but for the sake of the challenge and these last few days what can I do but keep going? Better to do something than nothing at all.

As my coach says: ‘there’s no such thing as writers block’. Just write even if you think its rubbish and keep on writing until you come up with something good.

There is no magic formula to being good at anything except from working your pants off and keeping at it until you become a master of your trade. Obviously having passion and believing in what you’re doing makes a difference too and will make it easy to keep going but sometimes the passion and the enthusiasm dies. When you feel like you’re not just run of the mill but like you’re the mice in the cage with just that little wheel for exercise, the wheel that takes you nowhere and even though it may seem pointless from that aspect surely it isn’t completely pointless. Because that wheel will build the strength of that mouse every day. That wheel, by running on it consistently and with purpose will one day help that mouse to achieve great things. Haha

I know this sounds crazy but eventually the mouse will be able to come out of that tiny little cage and it will have enough strength and power to be able to really go somewhere because it has been in training for such a long time. The only thing it needs once it’s out of the cage is a desire to fulfil it’s dream never to return to that cage or that wheel it has to have a plan of action and take its chance.

You know what I’m, saying, nothing is wasted if done with purpose and planning.

I have purposed and I have planned and I definitely have dreams even if right now my words are failing me and I feel a lack of drive towards them that would make the journey that much ore interesting and sweet. The work is being done and I’m on schedule with my goals.

Just waiting to see the fruit.

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