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Day 93: 2 New Paintings and Procrastination

I have started two painting recently both of them are on canvas, framed canvas actually which I don’t usually paint on but I had two unfinished backgrounds done on them so I thought why not finish them off now?

I was really in flow last month when I finally completed my ‘Africa in Bloom’ painting. I did have to push myself to finish it and not procrastinate as I had started it earlier this year in May or so. By setting targets of how much to complete each day I was able to complete my goal of finishing the painting in just over a week alhamdulillah (praise be to God). Working in this way even pushed me further to start and complete another painting in even less time. I was really happy about that as it went so well.

Being able to start and complete a painting that I feel happy about is a big achievement for me because I often hate my work, specifically my paintings after completing them. I think that the longer it takes me to finish a painting the more I dislike it. Maybe its due to the fact that by spending so much time on it means that I see so many flaws and just try to correct and perfect them.

I had watched a video on YouTube about this recently and a professional oil painter was saying that when you paint you shouldn’t try and smooth out your work in the first layer but instead paint messy and then as you continue to build up the layers go in with more detail, working with a focus on values etc. I think this is what I do when I work on a piece more quickly, I focus more on blocking in the colours and shapes and then as I build up I take a look at where I can add detail and definition without getting to precious about it.

I also like to use as large a brush as possible as it helps me stick to this way of working quickly. I can then cover the area until I get to a point when I need to stop adding paint because the surface will become over saturated with it and I wont be able to have much control over adding definition unless I remove some of the paint, which of course is an unnecessary waste if you haven’t made an actual real mistake.

I started two new paintings just about a week ago now and I think that the procrastination that has set in has affected not only the execution of the paintings to complete them but even more importantly the actually composition as I’m now doubting the initial composition ideas that I had when I started both paintings.

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