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Day 91: Show Someone You Care

Sometimes I do think what’s the point?

I mean what’s the point in writing anything? Who really cares about what I have to say? And then I’ll open my phone and see a stream of articles about various subjects, some that I’m interested in and some that I’m really not. But they’re still there and somebody will read them even if I don’t.

Someone will read them and someone will share them and someone will comment on them. Some people will read them and find benefit in them and some wont. Some people will read them and maybe find them offensive or thought provoking or interesting, some people will learn something new, some of us will get new ideas and inspiration.

So I suppose that is the point of me writing. Even if no one reads it, because if I don’t write then there will be no chance for anyone to read it or not because I didn’t bring it into existence. I didn’t give it any life. I chose to hold it back in my mind, in my chest, in my heart.

If nobody reads my writing now then perhaps in the future somewhere someone will read what I’ve written. It might not be this post it could be one of my other posts. Maybe they will come across something that relates to them somehow. Or maybe it will serve as some kind of insight to how people of our time lived and thought in this year of 2020. The year that most of us would consider a year full of calamity and disappointment.

Of course I don’t completely look at it like that because I know that everything happens for a reason but, on a worldwide scale we have all been affected from all manner of sides due to the pandemic and it will most definitely continue to affect us into the foreseeable future.

Sometimes we need that little boost, that bit of encouragement from others that makes us feel that what we’re doing is actually worthwhile. Similarly we don’t know what we will write that could help someone in a difficult situation or that might be of some kind of comfort or inspiration to them.

I have been trying my best recently to actually connect my fingers to my phone when I think about the so many people that I genuinely care about. It’s a really bad habit of mine actually but I’m no good in sending messages to people that I actually like. That includes family and friends. I seem to be just too inward thinking. I do genuinely care about people and wish the best for them but more often than not I fail to reach out to people.

I wish I did it more because I’ve found that when I do reach out to people that they are always grateful that I have sent them that message. We never know who would appreciate our love and attention even in the smallest amount. Just that one text or message on Instagram could make the difference in someone’s day. It’s nice that someone takes the time to think about you and just reach out and say hello without expecting anything in return.

Try it now. Send a text message to the first person that comes to your mind and the last person that you can think of that you haven’t heard from for a long time. Just message them and ask them how they’re doing.

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