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Day 89: Is the Customer Always Right?

So I have a little story to tell today about something that happened to me at one of my cupping therapy appointment with one of my clients (ex-client now).

Today I had mostly back to back cupping appointments. I usually book each session at one hour intervals as each session lasts up to an hour (usually less). From 2:30 onwards I had back to back appointments.

Now I’m not the best when it comes to being on time with many things but I take great care to make sure that I am on time to my cupping appointments. I am a mobile therapist and I travel to clients houses within my locality. Due to the appointments being back to back there is a high chance that I can be late to the next appointments sometimes because of traffic or other delays with clients.

So today I had my 2:30 appointment I was punctual for that but the client had a few issues during the session which meant that I was then about 10 minutes late to the 3:30 appointment which in turn made me 10 minutes late to the 4:30 appointment.

So I got to the clients house at 4:40pm when I knocked on the door there was no answer. I checked my phone to check for any messages, I noticed then that the client had called me twice so I immediately called her back. She said that she had just popped over to the cash machine. This is not the first time that I’ve had to wait for her to get her money ready, but usually she would ask me to wait for me to finish the treatment and then ask me to wait for her to go over the road to take out cash. I’ve never complained about that.

So we went inside and she started talking about what she wanted me to do for her. It was clear that she actually was not in any real need for treatment but she mostly just wanted it for detox. It just felt like she was dictating to me what I should do for her instead of respecting my expertise and just letting me treat her according to what she wanted.

Aware of the time and not wanting to rush the actual treatment itself I said to her something like: ‘lets crack on then’ as it was clear that she wasn’t ready for the treatment. She didn’t have her pump ready (something I need to apply the cups) or a plastic bag and tissues either. She herself was also not physically ready and still needed to remove her clothes.

Then she got angry and started accusing me of being late so I shouldn’t try to rush her because she’s entitled to an hour. I respectfully pointed out the affirmative but pointed out that her hour began once I stepped inside her house and that by wasting time talking without actually getting ready at the same time she was wasting her hour.

I also pointed out the fact that even though I was 10 minutes late, she wasn’t ready. She then insisted that she was ready but because I was late she decided to go to the cashpoint and take out cash instead of using the money she had in her savings.

I actually really wanted to leave at this point because of the way she was talking down to me but I’ve had this client for quite a while and felt somehow that it would be a shame to just walk out. Maybe I had spoke to her wrongly? I’ve never had an issue with any clients previously. Even when I’ve been late its never been a problem as they’ve been happy because I’m coming to their house which is at their convenience.

It didn’t make any sense to me that she was accusing my being late as the reason for her not being ready. Surely if she was ready then she should be waiting for me to arrive like me previous client that I’d seen before her.

Anyhow I treated her and then left to go to my next client. I was still feeling a bit bemused by the situation and even though I had tried to make the best of it I didn’t like how she sarcastically said to me as I was leaving: ‘thanks for you time’. I did actually finish the treatment in under an hour as that is the nature of the therapy.

After relating what happened to my other client she said: ‘she’s been very unreasonable’. I thought so too.

What do you think?

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