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Day 88: My New Hoodie Collection

100 burpees done.

I should have written this post earlier today but what can I do now? I still have to write it. So here goes…

I’ve been busy today adding new products to my online shop. Hoodies to be exact and also something for the kiddies- some t-shirts for toddlers. I hope to add t-shirts for older kids sometime later this week Insha Allah (God willing).

I’m really happy with how the hoodies are looking, I really love the designs. Not trying to blow my own trumpet or anything like that but I really am so happy with them. It’s been a dream of mine for many years to have my own fabric line and have clothes made from my fabric designs. This is a big deal for me for that reason, it’s obviously not the same but it’s really satisfying and nice to see.

I haven’t done any drawing for fabric designs for such a long time now, I think the last time I did was back in 2015. Back then it was the majority of the art that I used to make. I also used to do quite a few experimental abstract paintings with acrylics back then too. I would often have many guests and young children visit my home as my house is on the small side I just felt that it was easier to use a medium that didn’t require a lot of drying time.

Its amazing how much my art has changed since then and now I find myself busy trying to further develop my on style in oil painting. I love to combine techniques and I can still see a correlation between the work I have done in the past and now.

Texture, pattern and colour really play important roles in my creative process. Although I love my oil paintings to be quite blended and smooth, I love to paint on a surface that has some kind of texture and grit to it.

But back to my newly added hoodies to my online shop. What I have uploaded today is a collection of Africa inspired hoodies. They all have the Africa continent on them with my own fabric designs in the shape of Africa. Being African is something that I am proud of and feel very connected to. I don’t often make works which directly correspond to my identity as a African woman or a Muslim woman, its just not something I’ve felt inspired to do really.

But now I think that here and there you may start to see some of those ‘identity’ related artworks here and there from me in the near future. This is mainly due to my podcast- ‘The Niqabi Diaries’ being such an inspiring project which I’ve really been enjoying making. I’d like to create something that somehow encapsulates the many amazing women that I’ve had the privilege of talking to recently.

I have a few ideas which I do intend to start working on this week. That’s one of the reasons why I spent the majority of today working on products for my website. I also started 2 paintings yesterday which I hope to complete this week using the wet in wet method. I’m trying to stay disciplined with my paintings these days and not procrastinate them as much. Its really nice to have an idea and then work on it until its complete. It helps me mentally and makes me feel like I’m getting somewhere somehow. Its just nice to see some results. So much of what I’m doing now is hard graft with no result in sight, its one of those things where you feel like you’ve worked all day but then don’t see any fruit at the end of it.

That’s part of the beauty of creating art. It might sound weird but that’s also one of the reasons why I’ve always loved cleaning, you see something dirty and then you clean it and it looks clean. And for a good while every time you go and have a look at that thing that you cleaned its clean. It looks clean, it smells clean it feels clean, and that’s so satisfying to me.

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