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Day 87: A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

100 burpees done.

There’s a saying you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. Choosing friends is important and also a reflection of us, who we are as people.

I always wonder why some people have some of the friends that they do? For example, I often see people refer to someone as their friend that actually really isn’t their friend at all. I have a really good friend and it pays me to see her being taken advantage of by so called friends who abuse her naivety and super sweet nature.

Some people are so beautiful that they only see the beauty in others and not the bad in them no matter how many mean or distasteful things they do to them. They let themselves be abused psychologically by ‘friends’ they have know for many years. Friends who are really only friends not because they are actually friends of quality and substance but only due to the fact of time knowing them and perhaps many shared experiences.

I always wonder how such people have the patience to keep such toxic ‘friends’ around them, years spent with people who clearly do not wish them well in anything. Those who always have negative things to say and never a word of encouragement. Those kinds of people that are only there to compete with their ‘friends’ and sit with them having catch ups only to be able to have something to gossip about with others later.

Having friends is great when they are true friends, friends that have your back through thick and thin. More importantly than that a true friend for me is someone that will tell me what they truly think even when we don’t agree, even when they think I’m wrong.

This is very important for me because I think that its important to be constantly and consistently improving myself and one of the easiest ways to do that is if you have people around you to push you in the right direction and at the very least keep you from going down the wrong path.

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