• Yezarck

Day 85

100 Burpees done

The time is flying by. September is underway, it wont be long and the last month of the year will be upon us. Its usually around this time that the shops put their prices up so that they can reduce them later on and tell us it’s a sale.

I was so tired mentally today that I didn’t get to write any of my book at all. I sat this morning with the word document open and just looked at it. My brain had no words to come out. Its like a numbing feeling. I know that I haven’t emptied my cup of words for my book yet but when you’re tired and you cant even talk to yourself in your mind anymore then the best thing to do is try and rest or get some outside stimulation like watch or listen to something creative.

For me that usually other artist videos, podcasts about personal development or videos to do with daily life and culture.

I’d rather sit back and relax taking in something new which can help me to wind down and if by chance the winding down doesn’t work I might feel stimulated enough to have something to write down which could be the trigger to get the flow going for the day.

Sleep is so nice. Sometimes I wish that I could get paid for it but I suppose if I did I would get bored of sleep. Sleep is most yummy when you’ve been busy doing other things and can feel satisfied that you’ve accomplished something. Otherwise I think it can lead to overindulgence like eating your favourite ice cream every day.

If you always have your favourite ice cream every day it wont feel as delicious as when you don’t have it for a long time and then you get it as a treat. Obviously sleep is a necessary part of life and we need to sleep every day in order for our bodily functions to be able to have a break (or not a break because they have things to do while we are sleeping that don’t work as well when we’re awake.

I definitely feel less sociable when I haven’t slept and can even feel moody. So we must sleep. Sleep is important.

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