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Day 83: Plagiarism

100 burpees done

I thought it was meant to be getting warmer? Heatwave or something, is anyone else cold?

My best time for writing is most definitely between the hours of 5am and 3pm. I’m lucky if I can make any sensible written sentences are that time and if I do they almost feel lifeless to me and without flow.

I actually managed to write over 2000 words in just over an hour this morning and I didn’t even feel the time. It felt more like 10 minutes.

After having my morning convo with my bff and a visit for the gas safety check plumber I came across a recent video by an artist I follow on YouTube Alphonso Dunn. He’s extremely talented and has amazing teaching skill which he takes very seriously. Unfortunately he has recently had the unfortunate experience of having one of his books being plagiarised by another artist.

The video Alphonso makes addressing this is just under an hour long. I’ve watched some of his videos before as a subscriber but it been quite a wile since seeing any of his content due to what YouTube lets me see of my subscriptions. This video came up in my feed: Jake Parker Plagiarized My Book. I thought to myself it must be some kind of click bait, I know Jake Parker, he’s the Inktober guy, why would he steal someone else’s stuff?

So I clicked on the video and started to watch. I was actually confused as I don’t know much about this stuff. For me personally I know that learning from others is important but I actually have always had a habit of following as little other artists as possible so as not to corrupt my own unique original ideas processes. I personally see many artists these days which if their work is put side by side is indistinguishable from the other.

I think that its really sad (and very lazy) that another ‘artist’ would take another artists work. Its funny because only a few days ago an artist that I follow on Instagram was talking about a website that has been using her artwork without permission or crediting her and selling canvases of her artwork as paint by numbers. When I went to check out the website I found tons of artworks by another artist that I’m subscribed to.

I did of course notify her but what’s disgusting is that they don’t even credit the artist work so that their site visitors would know who created it. On top of that this particular website has an email contact at the bottom of their site which is supposed to be for any issues to do with intellectual property claims! And of course that email is bogus!

Can you imagine?!

Where is the protection for artists when it comes to things like this? Where is the respect?

But this Jake Parker on is way below the line and at what cost? Apparently Deviant Art will not be hosting any Inktober awards this year and I read that some other people who have pre ordered his new book dues to come out later this month. In in the video by Alphonso he goes through how he personally went and pre ordered his own copy of Jake Parkers new book and in that process he came to discover in the sample pages shown on Amazon that some of the work showed a striking resemblance to work in his own book.

The video is well worth watching even if its just for educational purposes. Alphonso is clearly an excellent teacher. I didn’t know he was also a chemistry teacher and had resigned in order to create his own art instruction books. Really inspiring indeed and not deserving of being stolen from.

Check out Alphonso Dunn’s YouTube channel and show him some support by subscribing to his channel.

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