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Day 79: Feeling Bland and Trying Something New

100 burpees done.

Now to continue with the rest of my life for today.

I’m aiming for the rest of this month to actually get some sleep. I think my lack of regular 5 hours a day is affecting my mood. I just feel overall lack of power. I don’t know much about Qi but I would say that mine is well off at the moment. Off in the sense that its just well low.

Yh, I’m still sticking to my targets and getting my work done, but I’m feeling a lack of energy and spirit towards it that I usually feel. I know that you wont always get a kick out of the work that you do because some work is and can get very tedious and boring. However I’ve found that (and this is not completely unusual) the only time I feel in flow in when I’m painting and to be honest last night I did spend some time working on a few small pieces and it was a challenge.

I’m happy with the work that I did actually but I literally feel just so… meh. Like blandos about everything. Like everything is bland, no appetite for food (and I love food) you know what I mean?

So I gotta make some kind of routine because at the moment my routine has been to do my work and sleep when I’ve done my work which is usually not much time and when I do have time to sleep then I cant. Its just ridiculous. 2 hours of sleep is not enough for me in a day, as a one off I can accept that but 3 and 4 times a week? I’m worried that it may affect my youthful appearance and I really don’t want that.

I am definitely focused but I need to feel the life force behind what I’m doing and right now I’m just not. I don’t even feel like eating cake and that really weird. If I don’t feel like eating cake then that means something is off.

I just signed up to this online platform for UK artists. Its supposed to be like Etsy (but hopefully better) run from Glasgow I think (that’s what kind of had me sold, I love Scotland) so yh I thought let me try out this platform, at the very least it would be nice to be a part of a community of artists based in the UK. I’ll see how it goes because to be frank I’ve never done well on that Etsy. I really think that its saturated. I think to be good on there now you would have to create a large following on another platform first and then direct them to your Etsy shop.

I’ve been on Etsy for years and sold just a handful of goods that didn’t even buy me a loaf of bread equivalent to the time and effort I put in. and I had over 100 items listed regularly and all the tags and stuff. It’s a lot of information to add to product descriptions on there and they want you to tell stories and all that palaver. Its takes so much time and effort to do all that kind of stuff. And then to not see any yield afterwards? What is even the point, especially considering the fact that its not even your own website!

Come on now. I don’t have time for them things.

One of the things that has appealed to me about the NuMonday site is that it seems I don’t have to write a whole heap of ton of product story in the description. The community is still relatively small at the moment.

I said I’ll give it a few months on there and see what happens. I will stick to my smaller artworks to list there and probably my mandala book. I’ll give it till January new years and then review how its gone Insha Allah (God willing).

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