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Day 78: A new challenge

So, I think it was last week that I wrote a post about ideas for other challenges that I was thinking about doing.

Weeeeeel, today I started another challenge. It’s a fitness challenge and I don’t usually do fitness challenges to be honest because in general I try to work out regularly. But I’ll be honest with you its been less than up and down the past couple of months. Apart from the odd press up here and there its been literally no exercise at all. All the exercise I have been doing has been in my imagination.

So a few days ago I came across a YouTube video which was called something like -I did 3000 burpees in 30 days or something. And I was like wow! I like burpees! Maybe I should do that? I was kind of like -yay! And at the same time I was like- er, cant be asked. But I thought to myself really girl you need to do this. It will be good for helping you to get back on track with your fitness and it wont take long.

I already know that I can do 100 burpees and if my lungs are good I can complete them in about 12 minutes. I just do it in sets of 20, its easier like that for me. You could do it in sets of 10 but for e personally that just takes too long and id rather get 20 burpees done in 30 seconds and then have a 60 second rest to get my breath back. :D

I was thinking that I could just start the challenge next week, but hey, there’s no time like the present eh?

I thought if I get started sooner by the time I’ve finished this 100-day challenge I’ll be near to completion on that Insha Allah. Which is good because I can use this blog partly as an accountability and tracker as to how I’ doing. So today I did my 100 burpees in the middle of the afternoon. I quickly noticed that I was getting sore muscles in between sets when I stopped for a break and stiffness in some areas. I was expecting that as burpees are pretty hardcore but as my body is no stranger to them because when I am being a good girl and working out they are part of my regular routine.

So my plan for tomorrow is to do them before midday if possible. Either which way I will do them Insha Allah. Its just a quick 15-minute thing.

The great thing about burpees is that you feel it all over your body. I do expect to feel sore at least a little bit tomorrow and probably the following day but after that I expect my body will have adjusted to it to no longer feel sore.

My burning lungs will probably take a bit longer but that’s ok. I don’t mind it too much as I recover pretty quickly from that. So, once I get past that first week it should be pretty plain sailing Insha Allah. Just a battle between the heart and the mind or wherever your willpower comes from, but that’s the point of a challenge to me. Its fighting against your own self because there are days you will feel motivated and driven and there will be days when the only thing you want is your blanket, cups of chai and plates of cake.

Bring it on!

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