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Day 76: Some very sad news…

A terrible thing happened yesterday and my brain is hurting thinking about it.

I know that terrible things happen every day all over the world, but for me the ones that hurt most are the ones that could have been avoided. The ones that don’t make sense because they could have been avoided.

Yesterday while I was busy working in my room I heard the sound of a helicopter. Its not unusual to hear helicopter sounds where I live but this time it was different. It was hovering. I couldn’t see it from inside my house when looking through the window but the sound just got louder and louder.

I wondered what was going on and as I looked outside I noticed a police car parked not so far away from my house, just a few meters.

I didn’t connect the two immediately. It wasn’t until I heard the helicopter landing that I looked out of the window again only to see an ambulance, two police vans and another 3 police cars outside. And as I kept watching more and more police cars and another ambulance came. I saw people walking from all directions towards the scene.

Everyone was quiet and I didn’t have any idea of what was going on.

Its seemed that it was bout half an hour before the helicopter left the scene. Moments later a police woman knocked on our door and said that someone had been hit by a car and had we seen anything.

Were I live is a very quiet neighbourhood. Our roads are clearly marked as 20mph speed limit but we don’t have any speed bumps.

Its very common that we get morons speeding through our street late at night and even sometimes during the day. It never fails to surprise me how stupid and selfish human beings are.

Whenever I drive around Newcastle I pass through neighbourhoods that have flower tributes by the roadside because someone was killed in a car accident. I think it was just over a year ago a young girl from Manchester area was killed in a hit and run accident just a couple of streets away from me. She had come here to study at university and was taken home by her parents in a box.

After checking the news in the early hours of this morning I found out that the victim of the hit and run was a 5 year old boy. He was hit by a ford transit van, the driver fled the scene.

Another hit and run. This time a 5 year old baby boy was killed. He died after being taken to hospital.

As I parent I can only imagine the horrors that this baby boy’s family is going through at this time.

Our neighbourhoods should be safe places for children to play and live and grow. How can that happen when we have selfish fools who think that they can drive recklessly and without a care through our streets?

Every hope and dream of that child’s parents have been taken away in the blink of an eye all because of someone else’s carelessness. Someone who couldn’t care less.

This could have been avoided.

This is what pains me the most. It could have been avoided.

How many more children will die in Newcastle before people wake up? How many more people will die in this way before fools come to their senses?

Life is so short.

So short.

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