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Day 73: My New T-Shirt

I’m really happy today, I woke up to find that my t-shirt had arrived.

What am I talking about my t-shirt? Well my mum knows of course as she reads all of my blog posts. Hi mum! Love you! X

Ok so over a week ago when it was my art marketing focus week I spent a good amount of time uploading designs that I had created to a site that I found which prints custom made items including clothes, mugs bags etc.

It wasn’t something that I had initially planned for that week as I had other things in mind such as social media posts and also I wanted to complete some paintings. But seeing as I have for many years now really wanted to have my own line of t-shirts (because I love t-shirts) I got so excited when I found this site that I could upload my own designs and integrate into my already existing online shop.

After completing the uploads I of course had to order one of the t-shirts to check for the quality of the print and the t-shirt material etc. there’s no way I could feel comfortable marketing something that I hadn’t already tested out myself right? Of course not.

So today the t-shirt that I ordered last week arrived. I have to say I’m impressed with the print to delivery time, it was mega quick. I think it was the day after I had ordered it that ii got a message saying that it had been printed and was ready for sending out.

I have my own custom label on the inside of the t-shirt and on the packaging which I love. All I need to do now is get selling some t-shirts. I chose one of the mandala designs for myself although for me it was hard to pick because I was really happy with how they looked online. I really am not disappointed at all. The t-shirt is really good quality with a bit of stretch to it.

The print itself seems very good, the colours of the mandala came out amazing and the details are just wow. They really are exactly like how they are in the photos.

The next thing I want to do is add hoodies to my product line because I absolutely love a hoodie. I also have a couple of new designs to add to my site and now that I can feel confident about the print and the quality I’m more than happy to go ahead with that Insha Allah (God willing)

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