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Day 72

Yesterday I managed to just about complete two paintings, the two that I’ve been working on Alhamdolillah (Praise be to God).

I’m really relieved because I’d actually like to take a day off from working tomorrow if possible. That probably means that I’ll be doing some kind of work that doesn’t involve physically moving around. Or who knows, by tomorrow I may have a second wind of energy this week and feel like starting a new painting. I can literally feel the idea for a new painting forming in my mind right now and I know what I’m going to paint it on too.

I have a canvas in the cupboard, a stretched canvas on a frame which is odd for me because I usually paint on board. But this is a really old canvas and I noticed it in the cupboard the other day when I took out that piece of board to paint on.

Now that I’ve completed the painting on the board I’m actually thinking that I’m going to go back to the cupboard and take the canvas out and paint on it.

Yes, yes! That’s what I’m going to do. Insha Allah (God willing) I’m going to take that ugly and unused canvas out o the cupboard and turn it into something pleasing to the eyes. I will use the same style that I have been developing recently which is a textured printed background and then a light wash of oil colour and then paint a flower on it.

So that my update about my paintings.

I wasn’t actually going to talk about them at all but I am feeling pretty chuffed about them so I had to share.

I still have the dilemma of those two long medium sized works plaguing my mind. I cannot for the life of me come up with a suitable composition for them. And I’ve been looking at them for days now!

I’m really, really struggling with it.

Maybe its secretly a good thing because it means that I’m having a break from painting while I fail to come up with composition ideas.

Today I will be busy hopefully updating some new art on my website but I have to organise some photographs first.

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