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Day 71: Ideas for Other 100-day Challenges

So as I’m now coming to the last 30 days of my 100-day blog writing challenge my mind has already gone on to think of other 100-day challenges that I could do.

I’m not saying that I will actually do these but they are just ideas for now. And who knows perhaps I could do them as shorter challenges such as 30 day.

Whatever the case I will be having at least a month break from doing any kind of challenge Insha Allah (God willing) because I really need a break from challenges and non stop work.

You know what they say: All work and no play makes Sammy a dull lass (or something like that).

So some of my ideas for 100-day challenges:

· 100 days of Monochrome art. For quite a while now I’ve wanted to do a project based around monochrome art. I think it would be a good way to fill up old sketchbooks or even just start a completely separate project. I could take my time and go through all the colours, maybe giving a few days for each colour.

· 100 days of oil painting. So this idea I was thinking would be good if I wanted to make larger pieces of art. What I would do with this challenge is actually give myself a maximum of 10 days to complete a painting of around A1 size. This way by the end of the challenge I would have 10 (hopefully good) paintings around a similar or the same theme. It would be a good body of work that I could potentially exhibit an I would probably hold an online exhibition. I could have live YouTube sessions a few times within the 10 days of each painting to show the process of each one.

· 100 days of completing my sketchbooks. This challenge would involve me going through all my sketchbooks and targeting the empty pages with the aim of completing 100 empty sketchbook pages. I think this would be fun as I wouldn’t have any set rule as to how to fill the pages so I could explore all sorts of new and interesting ideas to create (good or not so good).

· 100 days of lettering. I really love lettering and I think this would be a good challenge which I could tie to my favourite quotes etc. At the moment I’m not excited about this idea because I’m having writing overwhelm at the moment with all the writing that I’m doing but it would be a good idea. I could look at different types of alphabets letters also, maybe look at quotes in different languages.

· 100 days of drawing something that isn’t a flower (OMG) I think this idea is too hard for me to be honest because I love flowers.

· 100 days of watercolour painting. I have never used watercolour. I’ve tried gouache before and I have a set (I don’t really like it) but I would really love to try watercolour painting. I think a 100-day challenge would be a good way for me to become accustomed to the new medium. For this challenge I would aim to complete a painting a day. Small paintings A4 size and under but nothing bigger than that. I watch quite a few watercolour artists on YouTube and I really admire how they use these paints.

So those are my challenge ideas. Do you have any ideas for challenges? It doesn’t have to be art related. Let me know in the comments.

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