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Day 70: 30 Days Left and Counting Samar…

Do you get emails like this? Emails addressing you directly with supposedly catchy subject lines? I do.

Some of them I’ll open because I find them intriguing and most of them I delete. Why am I even talking about this and will any of this blog post make sense I wonder?

As I write this post I’m listening to one of my podcast episodes and taking a few random notes so that I can edit it later.

I have noticed since the lockdown period started that there has been a swarm influx of emails from businesses that I am subscribed to. It used to be just one or two emails a week each but now I’ve noticed that I could be getting up to 3 emails a day from some and pretty much every day from other businesses.

Is it just me or has lockdown put email marketers into overkill?

Why am I getting so many emails?

It’s just so overwhelming. I know that now is a critical time for all of us because we are literally on the verge of financial crisis and we all have bills to pay etc. but I have been seriously thinking of just unsubscribing to many of these businesses.

I find it almost stressful to be honest. I say almost because I don’t take the time to go through all the emails and I delete the bulk of them. For someone who is more attentive to such things and feels that they must open said emails because they are subscribed to these websites or businesses. It must be stressful for people like that who are getting so many messages.

What I personally find patronising is the guise that you are being helped when I fact you are being sold to in just a really nice way.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not against selling services or buying, but for me personally it’s a take it or leave it situation. When you have repeated messages convincing you that you need help with something many times you will end up buying with a justification that you have made yourself believes makes sense to you because of the barrage of sweet convincing emails that you’ve been reading on a daily basis.

Maybe its just me but I’m a get up and go person. If I want something I go and get it.

There’s so much information out there and we can find out about anything that we want whenever we want because its all online.

By all means take a course online, or a workshop or whatever. But is it really necessary to get so many emails all the time? I was of the understanding that once a week was good to stay fresh in the minds of your subscribers. I’m finding now that because I’m getting that many emails that nothing is really fresh in my mind anymore. The content of the emails are not fresh in my mind because I’m not reading them. The topics are not fresh in my mind because often the tag lines or the email subject is no indication as to what the email is actually about.

So I’m forgetting the names of many of the email senders (especially as some of them have similar names) and for the others its obvious to me that I’m being sold something that apparently was meant to be sold out a week ago yet somehow there’s new offers (always last chance of course but actually its not the last chance because you’re still going to keep sending the emails to tell us about it)

But yes, back to my title for today’s blog post- I only have 30 days left of my 100-day challenge and I can’t wait to finish it. There are so many other challenges that I can think of to replace it but we’ll talk about that tomorrow Insha Allah (God willing).

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