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Day 69

Everybody knows: Almost doesn’t count. I had said a few days ago at the end of my painting week, my dedicated painting week that I had hoped and planned to be finished painting the large painting by Tuesday (Today) but I haven’t. I have almost finished.


I’m trying not to be frustrated about it. I had to even stop painting because I could feel myself beginning to hate the whole experience just because of an area that I’m struggling to complete.

I wasn’t planning on even writing about the painting today but that’s what’s in my mind right now. I’ve even started the other painting on that heavy piece of board. Its well underway actually. First underpainting of the orange rose is done Alhamdolillah (Praise be to God).

I was hoping that if I could complete the large painting today it would well and truly set me up to have a nice day tomorrow of working on the other painting which I am hoping to be a very pleasant experience and come together the way that I want it to.

Now I will most likely spend the better part of the day working on completing the large painting because I need it to be getting dry as quickly as possible. I have a large daisy to complete, an orange flower or some kind of flower to fit a strange section of the composition that is looking a bit naked at the moment and the final touch which will be the sea itself surrounding the painting.

At this rate I’ll end up taking a day off from painting the large painting and just work on completing the new painting that I’ve started tomorrow and perhaps if I have time do some work for my podcast. I don’t have much to do for my podcast this week and I have already done the bulk of it but those little extra admin marketing stuff need to be done and I really wanted to do it on Wednesday.

I feel bored and miserable. I want to be properly distracted for a period of time from doing my work so that I can feel bad for not doing it and then feel really motivated to do it because I wasted time.

I want to speak to my bff.

I want an easy distraction that doesn’t require heaps of effort.

I want a holiday that I can work whenever I want so I don’t get bored doing nothing.

I’m no longer in the mood to write.

I think tomorrow I would like to talk about emails. If I remember and if I feel like it tomorrow. Well see Insha Allah (God willing).

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