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Day 68: The Not Yet Starving Artist

Has anyone heard of Printful? It’s a wonderful website where you can get your own custom made clothing and other items. I had made an account over a week ago and was working hard on putting together some designs for my website.

For the longest time I’ve wanted to make t-shirts. Obviously buying a ton of t-shirts and printing them myself is just a massive hassle and headache. And after all who has space to keep that kind of stock?

Not to mention the problem that you’d be left with if you didn’t manage to sell it all. That would be a ridiculous pain in the glutes. Sitting every day looking at a bunch of stock that has taken over your life in a way that you really didn’t intend. Because of course the object is to be selling items-not hoarding them.

I had previously tried the print on demand websites such as Redbubble and Zazzle etc. they look nice in general but I remember not liking some of the quality of the prints after testing. I’m sure it varies from site to site and I didn’t test all of them to be fair.

For me the major downside to all those type of websites is that they just really aren’t your own website and therefore not your own brand. And in the process of shopping or looking at your products that you have on there other items and products from other sellers are of course being advertised which is obviously not what anyone wants when they are pushing marketing to sell their own things.

I’m still a total newbie with all this online selling. It definitely hasn’t taken off for me yet. I’m definitely a better buyer than a seller, I’ve never been the pushy type and I know that these days people talk about the soft sell and all that but for me selling is selling.

Me personally if I like something or someone) then I’ll buy. I have to feel that I want to buy whatever it is for whatever reason and then of course there’s having the ability which is the funds to buy whatever it is.

We all buy out of desire justified by what we believe is necessity. Of course I’m talking about things that aren’t the bare necessities like food etc. but even these days food or the types of food that we buy is often a luxury and not necessary at all, hence why some of us are overweight or not as healthy as we could or should be.

Being an artist I do fall into that category of non-essential items for sale because in reality who is dying for a piece of art? No one of course! It that were the case I’d be rich by now (a girl can only dream eh?). can you imagine someone literally being at deaths door and then when asked what their final request is they say oh yh I really want that painting by that artist who paints flowers and stuff? Er, not likely.

I read somewhere about a month ago that artists were a bit offended after a survey or something was done and it showed that artist were the least needed jobs/people in society.

I’ll be honest with you I personally was not offended.

Why should I be? We as artists are not the emergency services or key workers of any kind or shop keepers or anything. We do not sell essential items. We sell luxury items, we sell dreams, you could even say that we sell visions of the future if you really want to be deep about it. We sell nostalgia, we sell feelings and memories, we sell ideas.

All of these things are lovely and for me personally very essential because I have my own set of wonderfully tinted rose coloured glasses but in reality these things are not the essentials of ever day life.

If you would like to purchase dreams, nostalgia, feelings or emotions or something to lift your spirits please feel free to take a look at my website. I now also have some items of clothing- namely t-shirts which you could purchase with the justification that clothes are an essential part to everyday life. You will also feel unique by wearing one of the t-shirts that I designed which I personally believe is good for your mental health.

All t-shirts and clothing from this day forth will be free shipping worldwide but you must enter the promo code: FREEPOST at the checkout.

Thanks for reading and supporting 😊

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