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Day 66: Painting week Part 7

I’m writing this post late again but better late than never. So yesterday I didn’t work on the large painting at all, I took a day off from it to instead complete the small artworks. I had just two left of those and I spent my time painting completing them.

I also started painting the little brown bags. I only did two but it’s a start. In intent to continue working on the large painting today so ill paint the little bags in between as a time filler (if that makes sense). Painting the little bags will be my break in between painting the flowers while I’m painting.

I like to work abstract art in between realistic drawings because it’s a good contrast and also a way to loosen up after focusing and concentrating on so many fine details in a painting.

I also got started on that new piece I mentioned before. I really want to paint orange roses and I’ve prepped that board I was talking about, covered it with calico, painted it black and done a gold print on it. Well it was a stencil actually not a print. It’s looking going at the moment. I’m going to do a light black and creamy coloured wash with oil paints over it and it will be ready for the composition outline Insha Allah (God willing).

I do intend to keep painting this week also but technically I have come to the end of my dedicated week of painting. I have another main focus this week and that is my podcast so anything related to that will be my priority.

As I don’t have many appointments this coming week I should still have plenty of time to finish off the large artwork and I’m going to keep at it every day now until I’m done Insha Allah. I think that it should be complete by Tuesday, Wednesday the latest Insha Allah.

I still didn’t come up with a composition for those two long medium sized artworks, I’m hoping that if I work quickly on this new piece it will give me a good idea for a nice composition Insha Allah.

Ideally I would love to continue painting until I run out of ideas or at least complete all the work I have started. This is my main mission. I think I’m just about getting there. I hope that after this week I can continue to create some art and make some interesting videos for my channel of glass engraving and lino printing.

So many things to do…

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