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Day 65: Painting week part 6

Today I have painted the orchids and I’m really pleased with how that’s gone. It was my first time painting orchids. I think that I want to paint them again in another piece. Next I will tackle the fluffy tulip (I don’t remember what its proper name is but its kind of fluffy the petals) and the purple flowers. After that all that will be left is filling in some more of the background space and painting the sea Insha Allah (God willing)

I’m so happy with how it’s going Alhamdolillah (Praise be to God). Usually by this stage I’m hating my work or finding it ugly but I’m not with this piece.

I don’t even feel tired from painting it even though I’ve had a super busy week and the painting itself has been quite a challenge for me.

I didn’t paint any of the last two small paintings as I had planned. I did really want to finish them but I fell behind on time catching up with some admin work that I’d been putting off for quite a while.

It just felt like a Saturday to me like all day.

I did manage to pull out that board from the cupboard and star preparing it to be painted. If im good a stick to my goals then I should well into working on that in the coming week Insha Allah.

I just really want to paint some of the flowers from the bunch that my daughter bought for me last week, they were so beautiful, the colours were so stunning. Roses in shades of orange with redish pinkish tips.

I’ve been leaving writing my daily blog posts till very late as I’ve been painting into the early hours of the morning. My sleep schedule this past week has literally been sleep whenever I can and work as much as possible.

I feel like with all the painting that I’ve been doing that my writing has been put off in some way. Not sure how to explain it. It’s like I don’t even feel like I’m writing even when I am writing and I don’t feel like the writing is in fact any good.

I’m not sure why this is? Maybe some kind of weird transference which is occurring because I’m working on my true love which is creating art and that has always been my main form of expressing myself. Now I’m also writing too but I feel like because its not something that I’m used to I’m critiquing it a bit more?

Part of the point of this 100-day blog challenge was to basically just write whatever was on my mind, whether it was cohesive or not. That’s why one of the main rules for me was to not read over what I was writing as I was writing it so that I wouldn’t have time t judge myself and I could just focus on getting content out that that was still relevant to me as an artist someway even though it might be crap.

A terrible photo of a painting I'm enjoying. I blame my phone for that, and greasy hands :D

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