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Day 64: Painting week Part 5

I’m really happy with how the large painting is going so far Alhamdolillah (Praise be to God). I can happily say that its coming along nicely.

Today I worked on the dahlia, its near completion but I wanted to let the paint site for a while before adding the finishing touches as I didn’t want to add too much paint at a time if that makes sense. I’m not actually schooled in using oil paints but I have my own techniques that I have picked up over the years that work for me. Its really been trial and error.

I also did some background work, filling in the space on the upper left side and a leaf behind the yellow lily that I’m really loving the look of. My goals for tomorrow are to:

· Paint the blue orchid

· Paint the last two small artworks

· Start painting those small brown paper bags

The medium sized paintings are out the window for now. I just can’t come up with a composition for them right now. What I do have in mind however is a composition for another painting. I’ve got a nice sized piece of board that is crying out for my attention from a cupboard its been sitting in. I think that I’m going to pull it out tomorrow and start preparing it to paint on.

I want it to be in the same style as the 2 medium long sized artworks that I’m struggling with composition wise. My thinking is that if I make this other artwork it may open up my mind to get that clear vision of how I want or how it should look.

I want to start and complete them very quickly. At the moment I have some available space for a limited time that I can use to let my work dry so I’m making the best use of it for these larger pieces.

Tiring myself out is worth it if I can get what I want in the end. No pain no gain and all that.

Can’t believe the week is coming to an end already again and yet I do believe it because the days run so fast these days. I was so eager for this week to end and now that it is, I feel tired and relieved. Tired because of all the toing and froing and relieved because I’ve actually been able to keep up with the bulk of the work I had planned to do and it really is a big relief.

A new week means a new focus on another project. Next week its podcast week and although I don’t have many interviews scheduled I still have some things to complete to stay on top of things. As I don’t have much going on that means I should still have time to keep making some art and hopefully completing anything that I start that will need time and space to dry while I have the chance.

I do actually really miss working in my sketchbook but then I suppose that the kind of work I can be doing any time as it doesn’t involve too much physical activity.

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