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Day 63: Painting week Part 4

I’m writing this post a bit late but better late than never. Yesterday I was off my daily painting target by one flower. I didn’t paint the dahlia. It’s a very detailed flower with a lot of petals and I was running so behind schedule yesterday due to lack of sleep that I focused mainly on the red rose and completing one of the smaller artworks.

I also did quite a bit of editing yesterday for my videos. I’ve done enough actually but I think I’m going to keep editing as much as I can today and then upload posts tomorrow Insha Allah (God willing).

I was also thinking that I have some other work to do that I wanted to film but I may keep that till next week as I was thinking to do it outside. I basically have some tiles that I want to engrave. The designs are done already they just need engraving. I really want to do them soon because they are just sitting in a small pile in my room at the moment. It’s annoying me to look at them. Just a reminder of work that I haven’t yet completed.

I also have my rose drawings sketchbook to complete; I have 13 drawings left to complete the book and then I can film a tour through it Insha Allah. I really love how that’s going, I’ve really enjoyed drawing the roses and the different designs. It is quite a challenge sometimes to come up with new ideas for it but I really like the designs so far.

I think its good that I’m having a little break from drawing them as it means that I get to refresh my mind a little bit and hopefully come up with something even more interesting to complete the sketchbook.

I also have an idea for another lot of work that will be related to my podcast: The Niqabi Diaries. It may be the first ‘Islamic’ themed artworks that I’ve done.

I also need to complete the updates for my online shop that I started at the beginning of the week; I was thinking I might go with the weekend for that Insha Allah. Hopefully by then I will be done if not almost completed the large painting that I’m working on.

I really like how that’s going so far and I can’t wait to complete it. Even though I have the image of it in my mind I’m still eager to see the finished outcome in the physical. I feel that it will Insha Allah be a big achievement for me.

Another lot of work that I wanted to work on was some small really cute sized brown paper bags. They are seriously so nice. I was thinking to do something like the henna inspired art pieces that I have done recently, I think that would work really well. Sometimes what stops me making art is when I ask what the point of it is?

I know that’s kind of stupid being an artist to think that and I should just ignore those kinds of thoughts but it happens. An artist has a desire to create and so we do, there isn’t always a reason and I don’t think there has to be.

It’s about testing out new ideas and stuff.

So my painting target for today is to complete the dahlia and anything else will be a bonus as I have many appointments today. Hopefully I'll catch up with today's blog post to give an update of how much I’ve been able to do Insha Allah.

Thanks for reading. 😊

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