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Day 62: Painting Week part 3

Its been a long day Alhamdolillah (Praise be to God) and it went very well. I did get back home a little later than I expected from my day of appointments with clients and once I got home, I distracted myself with food and looking for a beautiful set of paint brushes that seem to have gone AWOL.

I really hate not being able to find my stuff especially when I try to take so much care to keep things in their particular and specific places based on practicality.

I had bought a really lovely paint brush set (over a year ago I think) off the Ali Express website and I have only used a few brushes from the set. They are so soft and nice and are great for painting in oils, that’s what I use them for but I already have a wide selection of brushes that I use for oil paintings so I used to keep this set in my work cupboard.

I have looked high and low on previous occasions for this set and today I looked low and high again with the same hope that miraculously this set of brushes would turn up. I looked in vain because I didn’t find them. If it wasn’t for my sister telling me to just forget about them and get on with my paintings, I would probably still be looking for them now to be honest.

So, what did I achieve today of my painting goals?


I had wanted to complete the yellow calla lily and the tulips that were next to it. Alhamdolillah I’ve done that. I also wanted to complete one small painting but it didn’t get round to that. I’m not to bothered as I only have 3 small paintings left to complete. As its Wednesday tomorrow if I do one small painting each day, I should have them completed by Friday Insha Allah.

So again, part of my painting target for tomorrow will be to:

· complete one small painting and also

· to complete the red rose and the dahlia on the large painting.

On top of these painting targets I have some videos to finish editing so I can upload them to YouTube. I also need to take a few photos of artworks that I dug out of my cupboard the other day so I’d like to get that done too. I also need to schedule my Instagram posts.

I do have a few more things to do for my art this week but if I get the things mentioned tomorrow then I’ll be happy because at least I will have the rest of the week to do the other things Insha Allah.

that’s all for today because my mind is pretty blank and I keep making a lot of spelling mistakes, I’m obviously too short of sleep but I think I’m gonna read a little bit and then start sorting some videos or something.

Thanks for reading.

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