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Day 61: Painting week part 2

So, I think I’m going to break a little bit of my own rule here. I don’t think I’m going to be able to write for 20 minutes. I have a really long day ahead of me and I still would like to come home and do some painting in the evening in order to stay on target for the weeks painting progress. So, I’m basically going to give an update on yesterdays post and let you know what I have done today.

So today was split between seeing clients and working from home. I had 3 clients to see today. After getting home in the afternoon I almost felt like I didn’t want to paint and was tempted to just have a nap but I thought to myself painting never goes as quick as I think of it in my mind so I better just get on with trying to meet my daily target which was to complete 2 more small paintings which I have done Alhamdolillah (Praise be to God).

I also completed 2 more flowers, one was a white lily and the other one was a flower that kind of looks like a lily but I’m not sure if it is but it could be because there are so many types of lily so I don’t have a clue. If you know what it is from the picture please feel free to let me know what it is. Thanks in advance.

The only this I didn’t do today was the composition for the two medium sized pieces. I’m really stuck with them at the moment because I just can’t seem to see what or how I should be arranging the flowers on them so that it will be balanced. Art takes time and I definitely don’t have time to make something that I’m not happy with the composition so I think its just going to take me a while long to come up with something for that. I may very well end up preparing another board to work on as I would really love to paint orange roses. I can literally see it, so that means I need to do a painting of it soon Insha Allah (God willing)

So, my target for tomorrow (and I have a really busy day from 9am till 6pm with clients) is to:

· complete painting the yellow calla lily and the tulips next to it on the large painting and

· paint one of the small artworks

that’s it. If I can achieve that tomorrow, I’ll be super happy Insha Allah. I actually got so much on with my artwork to complete this week. I suppose I don’t really need to complete these paintings but actually I do because I have a little extra room this week to paint so it just makes sense to make use of the time. I still have some art videos to edit for my YouTube channel and also website updates.

So much to do and its already the early hours of Tuesday morning.

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