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Day 60: Painting week

So today I did manage to get some painting done. Quite a bit actually which I’m really happy to say as it has been months since I did any painting at all. Today I’ve been working on a total of 5 paintings: one large, two medium and 2 small. So, I’ll talk you through what I’m actually doing at the moment, starting from the small ones.

I have 7 small artworks that I intend to work on this week and have them Insha Allah (God willing) near to completion Insha Allah. I told you that it can takes me years sometimes to complete a painting. Well these 6 pieces I started back in 2015 (I think) at least and I’m just going back to work on them now. It really wasn’t intentional (I promise).

These 7 pieces are 10x12 inches each and the designs is based on shapes and colours. I had originally painted them with acrylics (yes there was a time in my life that I used to paint in acrylics). Those days when my children were younger and I used to have many young children coming over to my house quite often so I think that was one of the main reasons I used to paint with acrylics as they dry faster. I also used to paint a lot of, mainly abstract pieces of art, not the kind of art that I’m doing now so much. Some were ok and some were pretty bad. But at the time I just wanted to paint and I was in constant experimentation, especially with printmaking in the kitchen. I used to do quite of bit of printmaking and make art prints and also do a lot of book making during that time.

So, these 7 pieces were part of those experimental times that I was playing around with ideas but I wasn’t happy with the way the acrylic paint sat on the canvas, I didn’t like the look of it or the feel. I had intended to finish them on many occasions but after putting them off a little bit they became another bunch of ideas that got put to the back burner and turned off you could say.

What I’m doing with them now is reworking them with oils over the acrylic so the design is the same but the colour looks a lot deeper, more enhanced and blended much better.

As for the medium artworks that I’m working on I had started them in April! Can you believe it? Oh yes of course you can seeing as I started the other work in 2015. Haha.

And the final larger piece is the one I have been talking about recently on my other blog posts that I said I was going to work on and get it finished.

After completing the first stage of acrylic underpainting I have now started with the oil paints over the top and I think that its looking pretty good even if I say so myself.

I painted a total of 3 flowers from that large piece today and I was thinking that I should try to aim to paint at least 2 flowers on it each day this week. I haven’t counted all the flowers of yet actually but I think if I do at least 2 a day it will definitely be achievable. I don’t really want to do more than that each day because I don’t want to get bored of it and feel stressed about it. I think sometimes that can happen when you’re working on one piece and you so desperately want to see the end of it. By working on at least 5 different paintings at once it means that I get a chance to step away from the painting a bit and give the paint time to settle.

Sometimes I work on something so much that I feel like its so ugly, but because I’m so focused and obsessed with finishing I find it hard to walk away. Having other paintings gives me that chance to continue painting but on something different.

I’m also happy because this way I will Insha Allah by the end of this week have a few paintings completed if not all. Who knows how it will go? I’ve got quite a busy week ahead but I need to paint to help me relax.

It’s possible that I could get behind though as I do have some videos to edit this week and also the other project that I told you about yesterday which is pretty time consuming but I just had to get the ball rolling with these paintings.

So, I’m going to use the blog posts this week as a way of keeping progress and accountability for my painting targets this week.

I intend to do the following tomorrow Insha Allah:

· Paint 2 more flowers on the large piece

· Complete 2 more of the small paintings

· Draw out the composition I’m going to paint on the two medium artworks.

Let’s see how it goes…

Thanks for reading 😊

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