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Day 6: I'm Too Broke to be Helped But It's OK I'm Fine.

Alhamdolillah (Allah praise be to God). That saying: 'I can do bad all by myself' comes to mind and actually to be quite frank I'm really not doing bad at all and actually, I'm not all by myself. Isn't that great? Yes, Alhamdolillah it is and its really nice too.

Well you must be thinking right now- what is this crazy woman talking about? What I am talking about is being happily self-employed for a few years now as a start-up business and not being able to work due to COVID 19 but due to the fact that I'm not making any profit as a self-employed business I'm not eligible for a grant. Alhamdolillah no problem. I wasn't expecting anything from the government anyways. I've fought my way through a whole year, more than a year actually with no recourse to public funds and I'm very happy about that. I enjoy being independent even if that means I have to struggle a little more. Struggle is part of life. Plus, when one is under pressure one works harder and smarter right? At least that’s how I feel about it. No point in sitting and feeling sorry for oneself, I really don’t have time for that nor do I believe in it.

I don’t raise my children on such beliefs nor will I tolerate it. So, In the spirit of not being a hypocrite and taking action while having full faith that 'It will all work out insha Allah (God willing) I am putting my best foot forward and making a conscious effort to succeed.

Of course I will feel so tired sometimes and need to take naps at many different and random times of the day, of course I will probably binge eat on not so healthy foods at times, of course I will miss maybe a workout or two in the name of exhaustion but it will all be worth it in the end as long as I meet my goals and targets.

At the moment I'm busy editing my videos for my YouTube channel and its going pretty well at the moment. I'm learning a few new things, just a few because I don’t want to overload my mind of course, consistency is key with these things, we don’t want to overdo it do we? Then we could end up in a state of complete meltdown and not be able to do anything, and what use would that be eh?

Currently I'm working on a new colouring book, it’s kind of just for fun at the moment because I wanted to make something different during the lock-down period and also because I actually really like making colouring books and I thought that it would be some nice content to film for my YouTube channel. I also have an interesting series of oil paintings/drawings with henna designs that I think would be really great as designs for t-shirts. I got a thing about t shirts actually. I find it so hard to find designs that I actually like and good quality fabric.

Another project that I'm working on with my art at the moment is a book with drawings of buildings of Ghana from photos that I took while I was out there over the last Christmas period. Tell a lie it was Christmas 2018, time flies so fast, doesn’t feel that long ago at all. So, I suppose you could say that’s a project a little overdue. I do have plenty to keep me busy so watch this space for upcoming videos sometime this week insha Allah.

Some of the work I was talking about:

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