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Day 59

I’ve always been a little bit full on when it comes to my work and ideas. I like to plan out what I’m going to be doing but I often find that when I get new ideas, I love to execute them straight away so that they don’t get put off. I think I’ve mentioned this before in a previous post.

Basically I could have a plan of work to do or a project to complete and then something new comes to my attention and then I might prioritise working on that because I believe it to be something good and necessary and not too far off from work that I already had in mind or planned for a later date. As I like to call it striking while the iron is hot.

All concept of time and space can really go out of the window here. I think for me there’s and element of enjoyment in it. However sometimes there are very tedious tasks that I may need to complete which the outcome of them could be very exciting but the actual process takes a lot of time and effort. I think this is mostly computer related tasks in my case things like marketing, scheduling posts, working on my online shop or website etc.

There’s something that’s spurs that kind of boring work on for me and that it the end result and how it will be. When you have a project that involves this kind of boring work somewhere in the mix, speaking for myself personally I like to get it out of the way as soon as possible. If I don’t then the likelihood is that I will end up putting it off for a really long time, or at least until the excitement of the new idea wear off or I end up getting put off from the idea completely because of how daunting the work seems on top of what I already.

This can also happen with work that has processes that I really love and enjoy and feel passionate about. Things like painting, lino cutting and drawing and creating other types of art. I love my art projects and wish that I could spend all day and night making art. But sometimes when I know there are other important things that I have to do such as are related to the making of my bread and butter I have to put them to the back burner and get on with the other more pressing tasks. I think I also mentioned this point previously when talking about why paintings sometimes take so long to make. This is definitely one of the reasons.

I have a new element to my online shop that I have wanted to add for quite a while now and I didn’t find any simple and easy way to do it that would fit my particular needs and situation. Alhamdolillah (Praise be to God) that has now changed and I am able to add this new element to my online store Alhamdolillah.

I really hope that my new products will be found as exciting to you as they are for me. I can’t wait to launch them and I’m hoping to have completed it by the end of the week Insha Allah.

Stay tuned and watch this space…

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