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Day 58: Oil Paintings in Sketchbook

It may sound a bit strange actually, painting using oils in a sketchbook. This is mainly because oil paints take quite a long time to dry and I’m not talking hours I’m talking days and maybe even weeks depending on how thickly you apply it and the conditions it’s in to dry.

On the other hand, a sketchbook itself is a tool that artists use typically for testing ideas via sketches that may be rough sketches or fine drawings. You can use a variety of mediums in a sketchbook depending on the thickness of the paper including; charcoal, pastels, pen, watercolour etc. all these mediums although varying in ease of use and some being messier that others all dry very quickly.

Unlike oil paint.

So, what made me want to use oil paints in my sketchbook? Well, I had this beautiful sketchbook with a smooth textured and thick brown kraft paper and I didn’t know what to do with it for quite some time.

Then one day after painting in oils and having some left-over paint on my pallet I thought to myself that this sketchbook paper might be very well suited to oil paints so I decided to give it a go. I really loved the results. I think that the paper sucked the oils a little bit maybe because I didn’t prime it but I personally feel that was an advantage to the drying time as it made it a bit quicker.

The colours stayed very vibrant and strong and the paper was thick enough to hold the weight of the oil and it didn’t bleed through the paper.

Then I had the dilemma of not being able to use the sketchbook after finishing a painting. Of course I didn’t want that, I wanted to fill a few pages at a time. Why should I wait for a week in between to paint another page of my sketchbook?

To get around this I decided that I would paint a few pages usually between 7-10 pages at a time and then I would put the book to stand up on a shelf with the pages that I had painted open so that they could dry. I used small glass jars or bottles to stand in between each page to keep them open and the glass wouldn’t stick to the paper as it was drying from the paint.

Because the paper sucked up the paint quite well and I wasn’t applying it too thickly I could paint other pages with the book flat on the table and then turn over to the next page without the paint making a mess on the previous page. There would be some marks but very negligible and seeing as its just a sketchbook it doesn’t matter to me at all.

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