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Day 57: Henna Inspired Artwork Series

As most of my artworks this series is definitely ongoing. It’s a collection of work that I started during the lockdown as a way of helping me get back into my art practice after quite a bit of a break.

This collection of work was also very experimental. I wanted to use different mediums to create the work. I love the idea of layering and using pen over paint. Its something that I’ve toyed with before doodling on sketchbook’s but not something that I ever really took seriously.

When I decided to make this series I had a small stack of black card that I had wanted to use for something else and then decided later on that it wasn’t suitable due to the slight texture that it had. So I pondered for a while on how I should put them to use.

Then on reflection I though of how recently I have been making paintings on black primed boards. I just love the effect and depth that a black primed board or canvas gives with oil paint. So I thought it would be a good idea to use the A5 sized black card as sort of a mini black canvas.

I also wanted to incorporate the idea of henna inspired art as recently I had made many drawings recently on black card with white pen of henna style drawings. I thought it would be interesting to combine the styles and see what I came up with.

To make it different I started out with either a gold or a bronze coloured pen drawing in the corner of each piece of card. I did this in bulk. I then asked friends on Instagram to give me 3 colours of their choice for artworks.

I then used those various selection of colours to paint each piece of black card with oil paint. After letting them dry for about a week I took an oil sharpie marker that matched the colours of the individual piece and contrasted best to complete these works with a henna inspired design to finish it off.

During that time I also made a similar style trio on khadi paper and I used acrylics to paint on them instead and uni-ball signo pens in white and silver.

The playlist of how I created the last stage of drawings is on my YouTube channel.

I also have henna inspired artworks that have been made by painting and drawing designs in pen in the same way on reused A4 cardboard envelopes. Drawing on envelopes is also something that I really love doing and I actually have a collection of over 100 envelope drawings from a 100-day challenge that I did in 2018. You can check out the tour of the 100 envelopes on my YouTube channel also. Check it out here.

If you would like to purchase on of these artworks please sign up to my website here so that you can be notified of when they will be added to my shop.

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