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Day 55: Finishing off Art and Stuff

Todays mission is complete, that is sorting my hair out. Alhamdolillah (praise be to God). At least that’s now out of the way. Now I have a few writing tasks to complete (including this blog post or course) and then I can no longer really have a valid excuse to not continue painting. At least if I finish the first stage by the end of this week, I can be happy for some progress Insha Allah (God willing).

Its been so cold today, I don’t understand what’s going on with the weather but I’ll not make another post talking about this autumnal weather that we seem to be having in the UK even though it’s now August.

Weird dot com

Tomorrow is Wednesday Insha Allah so I aim to complete a few more tasks that I have been procrastinating either tonight or early tomorrow morning so that nothing gets in the way of my painting.

There are so many things that I want to paint. I miss that time that I had at the beginning of the lockdown, I was making a lot of art. Ok, it hadn’t been anything large scale just small stuff but I really was enjoying myself.

I’m also due edit more art videos next week Insha’Allah so I it would be good if I could do some more small painting projects this week.

Recently I’ve uploaded a few sketchbook tours to my YouTube channel. I love books and I really love my collection of sketchbooks. I’ve watched a few sketchbook tours by other artists on YouTube so I decided to do some of my own. I think its also a good idea to do them because its s really motivating way to push me to complete more sketch books. I have a few at the moment that I’m working on (as usual). Are there any artists out there that only work one sketchbook at a time? I don’t think that I ever have.

There are just too many variables when it comes to sketchbook work- the thickness of the paper, the texture of the paper, rough or smooth, the colour of the paper. All of these factors will then contribute to what medium you decide to use n that particular sketchbook, and then there’s the size of the sketchbook as well.

Just thinking about the number of sketchbooks that I have on the go makes me excited and hungry to do even more art. I wish I could just have a whole weekend, no actually let’s go bigger a whole month of JUST making art and nothing else.

Unfortunately, in this time I can’t afford to do that (literally) and I really wish that I could. Maybe its my fault, maybe I should take that jump and just pour every inch of my time into creating art and selling it.

To be honest creating art has never really been an issue for me, even as a single parent I never really felt short of time to create art. Problem is if you’re not making money from it you cant just keep doing that, you are then forced to do other things in order to make your bread and butter- a girls gotta eat right?

I’m going to make it my mission to try and complete some more sketchbooks. Its good to be consistent. I think that if I focus on some of the small old sketchbooks and just fill those last few pages then I can fill a few more sketchbook tours for my YouTube channel playlist.

I love the idea of playlists, its like a collection of things that you love all together, I really like the idea.

Another thing that I would like to focus on for the coming months is what I will do for this year’s Inktober, I saw some artists on YouTube doing a 30-day challenge of paintings every day and I really like that idea. I would just need to think about what to paint?

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