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Day 54: Why it Takes so Long to Make Art

Ok this is not entirely true. I have made artworks that haven’t taken a long time.

Let’s look at what a long time is, in my opinion a long time to create art is anything that takes more than 6 months for a painting. My largest paintings (not including wall murals) have taken as little as 30 hours over 10 days. That was me going hard at it, no distractions and full focus without needing to do other things.

The size of that painting was 3 by 4 foot.it was during Ramadan last year and I really had made it my mission and a challenge to paint every day of the month of fasting. That dedication made it easier. I think in general for me I get a lot more work done while I’m fasting.

I think part of the reason for this is that usually when I get stuck into my art, I forget all time and space and I usually most of the time forget to eat. So, fasting goes very well for me as a period of time to create. I feel a lot more stimulated, focused and disciplined.

What is annoying me right now is that I really miss painting. I miss painting and I’ve started a painting I think maybe nearly 2 months ago now and I still haven’t even completed the first stage. It’s a larger piece I think 4-foot-tall and 3 and a half feet in width.

I already know what I want the painting to look like, well kind of. I started it and then was thinking a while about the exact composition. I don’t know why but with some paintings even though I know what I want the outcome to be it can still take time to put together because there are some variables that I need to take time to think about. I do hate thinking about things for too long but for me you can’t rush art.

It’s not like I have the perfect fire within that is ready to paint and execute. The thoughts are there swirling round in my mind.

To be honest I also feel lazy to paint right now. That’s the downside of knowing exactly what you want to do sometimes with art. I think for more experimental pieces when I don’t have a finished outcome in mind, I have to work fast based on whatever ideas are coming to my mind because if I don’t, I mind miss the opportunity to create that new something that I haven’t created before.

Right now, I know exactly what I want to do. I just need to do it. I have a good idea of the composition and I’m not the type to really do sketches of my paintings before I paint them, I just dive in most of the time. I can use my sketchbooks to test some smaller ideas and techniques but I very rarely if ever sketch out a whole painting and how I want it to look.

I don’t know but I think that if I did that id probably end up disappointed. I often find that I fall in love with first executions and don’t like to be too rigid with planning out because the more I do the more ideas will be born and then I’ll have more variations to the idea.

Just talking about this subject is making me real hungry for some oil paint right now.

Oh, that’s another point that I should mention- I actually decided that I would try out a new technique for this current large painting that I’m procrastinating because it supposedly going to make it quicker for me to complete (hahaha)!

I started the underpainting with acrylics because they dry quicker and then I’m going to finish with oils which is my preferred medium. So, I started out with the acrylics but have I even finished the first stage? No. not a all. At least if I finishes the first staged of underpainting in acrylic and I was taking time to complete with oils then it wouldn’t be so bad. It would still be bad but not so much.

I know what I need to do to finish this painting. I need to do my hair. When that’s done, I’m going to work on the painting Insha Allah (God willing).

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