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Day 53: Having a Day off Spending Time with Family

Today I actually forced myself not to work. Kind of. If you exclude the fact that I went to bed after 7am because I was working.

I had planned to go to bed a lot earlier actually but you know when you’re trying to finish up some work and then you come across something new that you didn’t know OR you get an idea to do something real quick and you don’t want to leave it because you might forget about it if you do or the execution might not be as good if you leave it till late or you just cant hold on the expense of waiting to see how it will turn out?

Yh that’s basically what happened.

Its nice when you get so into your work and there’s no distractions and you just start getting so many ideas. I tested out a few things and then went to bed. It was easy to fall asleep then because I had executed all the ideas that I had in mind. Had I not done those few extra bits it would have taken me some time to fall asleep because I would still have been thinking about them.

I actually really enjoyed that last few hours of work, even though I had actually gone outside of my work timetable. I was a little upset that I had to hold off on putting out some work due to technical difficulties which I will now push back for a month.

Its ok though because I had already thought that it might be a good idea to hold off on that work for a month and that when I had that technical issue come up yesterday it basically forced me to wait for a month.

I like doing whatever I do really well and to the best of my ability but because I know I suffer from procrastination I try to work quickly using as much of the skills that I actually have and then keep going while I pick up new skills.

If I didn’t do things like that, I’d never do anything.

I try to execute my ideas as soon as possible for the reason but there is also another reason and that is because I’ve had so many ideas to do things over the years and never done anything about them only to see that someone else has thought of something similar, which is great of course, but then I feel like maybe I shouldn’t do that idea anymore and lose interest in the idea.

You know that saying strike while the iron is hot? I try to live by that as much as possible, this is why I end up not usually taking breaks at all these days.

I love working from home and I’m never bored when I’m home for this reason. I always have a project to work on and don’t we always have some form of housework to do? Never time for me to get bored at home Alhamdolillah (Praise be to God).

So today I had a chill day with my family and a binge watch of the Captain America trilogy. Got time to do some chores like altering clothes and I remembered to sort out my new academic diary. I took a little time to add a few pages to it and make it more suited to me.

I was also gifted with a lovely little sketchbook that would actually be perfect for journaling (says the girl who doesn’t journal)

I’m thinking I could use it to maybe do some kind daily or weekly visual drawing journal thing?

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