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Day 51: The Blessing of Family and Friends

This post is for yesterday because it was Eid al Adha and I was super busy so I didn’t get time to do this blog post even though it was in my mind to do it.

Yesterday was beautiful, I really enjoyed my day I had my family with me and I got to see some friends.

It might sound like something obvious to some but for many years I’ve spent Eid’s with just me and my children. Some Eid’s I’ve spent alone when my children have been away to visit their family too.

I really don’t have a problem with being alone as an introvert. I think I actually thrive that way. But I think that it’s good to spend quality time with quality people. And sometimes just spending time with anybody can be good as it will make you appreciate your time alone even more. At least that’s how I feel.

I know that many people have spent so much time alone during the lockdown. Its sad to think that many are in a state of isolation and loneliness, not being able to physically be with family and friends.

I know that many people have been doing their best to stay in touch with their loved ones and colleagues via video calls and online platforms but sometimes its not a case of needing someone to talk to, you just want someone to be there or to be in the same room as another person that you have a natural bond with.

Sometimes you think about someone a lot but you don’t necessarily call them even though they have been on your mind. Life gets in the way like that. You mean to call someone and then you don’t because you were in the middle of cooking and you may have intended to call once you put the pot of rice on but by the time you got the rice going once of the children came to ask you for something or someone unexpected knocked at the door or you got another call or some other distraction that made you forget what you were going to do.

Thank God for text messages then. At least we can send someone a message and let them know that we care instead of having to call them. At least if we don’t get through when we call someone, we can text them to let them know that we called and ask them how they’re doing.

I know that might not be convenient for everyone. My gran certainly hasn’t got the hang of this new technology, she doesn’t really get the concept of a video call and can never hold the phone correctly so that I can see all of her face.

In the age of social media, we have become increasingly less social, I know that I am. I don’t like telephone calls; I love face to face interactions that matter. But there’s no doubt that in the times we live in social media can and is being utilised to help maintain and establish bonds that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.

We have no excuse to not show our appreciation and love to those in our lives anymore and we can extend ourselves and reach out to those who are not part of our immediate circles with messages of positivity or encouragement.

We can be a helping hand to those we don’t even know. We can inspire those we have never met and in turn be inspired by them.

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