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Day 50: Planning Ahead

I’m not one who knows much about this bullet journaling malarkey but I’ve watched a few videos on YouTube to find out what it was about. I really enjoyed the videos but I thought to myself- that’s not something I’ll be doing as I don’t really have the time and I can just buy a diary that I can add my schedule to.

I do make good use of my google calendar but I like to have a hardcopy diary as a backup, its secondary to my google calendar but its also a place where I can jot down ideas. So, I suppose in a sense I’m doing some type of journal calendar thing. I don’t know, I don’t write down my feelings or anything deep like that.

So, I like to use the academic calendar. I don’t think there’s any particular reason for that other than the first calendar I had started using for this purpose a few years ago was an academic calendar diary and started from August to July.

I had a beautiful one last year that I found in TK Max, it was yellow on the outside and had white pages with light blue lines and print, I just felt happy every time I looked at it. As this academic year has ended, I went out a couple of weeks ago looking for my new replacement. I was shocked to find that TK Max had no academic diaries.

I was quite disheartened but I was determined to find something and had it in my mind that I would look online. Worst case scenario I would make one myself, that was a thought in the back of my mind but definitely not a wish as I don’t think I have the time for it. Of course, I would make the time if I needed to and I’m sure it would make a lovely YouTube video but it wasn’t something I really wanted to add to my list of tasks.

Today I went out with my mum and sister for a feminine detox of retail therapy. I didn’t know that’s what I was going out for until I experienced it, it wasn’t what I had planned. However, we had a really great time with lots of laughs and some good finds.

One of those good finds happened to be an academic year diary found in the mighty Poundland no less! Can you believe it? And it wants easy to find but my sister had reminded me that I had wanted to get a diary so she suggested that I look for one while we were in there.

In the stationary section I noticed straight away that they had an A4 size academic diary in black. It wasn’t the size that I wanted and it looked way too serious for me, I didn’t want a black diary, definitely not. I couldn’t believe they only had one size and one colour! I decided to have a look further down the aisle pretty much completely the other end as I noticed some books there.

There I found an A5 academic diary which I was relieved to find. It wasn’t as attractive as my beautiful yellow diary- it was black and the layout wasn’t week to week but day by day so a format different from what I’ve been using already this year.

I decided to crouch down and look better at the bottom shelf where I found the A5 black diary and lo and behold they had the exact same thing in pink! Such a beautiful lovely pink diary, I really love the colour. I’m totally obsessed with pink these days so I’m happy with it.

I’m definitely going to make some additions to this diary though to get it to be that much more practical for me. So, I will get a bit bullet journally with it. I want to add sections showing the month ahead or maybe even the week ahead so I can see my monthly or weekly schedule at a glance. It will also be an opportunity for me to add some extra pinkness or something inside the book as its white paper with black print.

So, there you go, I might not officially be doing a bullet journal but I will be using some bullet journal ideas to get this new bargain £1 diary to where I can use it in a way that best suits me.

Who knows I may even make a little video about it to share on my YouTube channel?

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