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Day 5- Its Monday But Somehow it Feels Like Thursday to Me

Do you have those days when you really have a strong feeling like it’s a certain day of the week when in fact it really isn't? Strange isn't it- the whole concept of time. Since when was time and the measurement of it have anything to do with how we feel? How can it even make sense for me to feel like it’s a particular day of the week? I can understand if for example you have particular said schedules and activities that are usually done on certain days and then if something is moved around, changed or rescheduled to another day of the week that day then feels like the day you usually do that specific activity.

But my experience goes further than that, it’s not as simple as activities being rescheduled it’s an actual feeling. Like this morning for example I went about my daily business appointments, and my work is flexible so it’s not anything to do with any specific day or anything. Yet after completing my appointments and I was contemplating what to do next I had a strong feeling that it was indeed a Thursday. I felt as if I was nearing the end of the week, funny as it was only Sunday yesterday. When I remembered that, it was only then I realised that today is in fact Monday, and it got me thinking. Why would I think that today is Thursday, feel like it Thursday. What does Thursday 'feel' like? What does any day of the week 'feel' like?

Especially now since the lock-down started all the days just feel like any day. The weekend feels like the week and the week feels like the weekend. Extra effort really has to made in order to keep track of time and what day it’s is and the date. This whole year has been a mess to say the least. And I'm being positive here as I am forever the optimist of course.

Keeping this daily blog is one way for me to keep track. I almost wish that I had started it at the very beginning of the lock-down but it never came to my mind. Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God) everything happens for a reason. I haven't totally lost myself. But I want to say that this for me will definitely be one of my big and hopefully life-long lessons that I keep practising and also teach my children and that is how to manage time and stick to my projects and schedules by planning and focusing. Just blocking out time and having that discipline, taking personal executive action over my life and the outcomes. Or something really grown up and adult like that. Does that make sense? I hope so because I'm confusing myself right now. Basically, what I'm trying to say is I have to be responsible for my time without others influence and stuff.

One bad habit I actually have a someone who works from home is that I often let other people get in on my time because I'm at home and people take that to mean that you're available. When in fact I'm really not, but if someone catches me on the phone or something, they might ask me to do something for them. It’s really hard to get out of the habit of just doing things for people because your work hours are flexible. But when I sat down and thought about it, I realised that by giving other people my 'flexible time' I was actually putting myself out physically, mentally and spiritually. I'm an adult and I only owe my time to myself and those who I choose to give it to. I can't blame anyone for me not meeting my goals if I foolishly throw away hours that do not help me get nearer to my personal targets.

Let’s look at some colourful art. Not so new but the photo is:

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