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Day 49: Talking About Random Stuff

Completing tasks is so satisfying. Sometimes when I complete a mammoth task, I feel so relieved as if I’ve completed all my tasks and I can take some kind of vacation.

There’s just so much satisfaction from completing work. When you know that you can go to you list of tasks and tick off loads of items it feels soooo good.

Not time for getting too relaxed though, I still have some other tasks to complete and I want to get them done as soon as possible so that I can add some new tasks to my schedule. I’m not feeling bored today at least, instead I feel a sense of accomplishment and I’m ready for the next challenge. I good bit of sleep will be nice to have first though.

I feel excited, I feel hopeful, I feel like I can do anything.

That all comes as a result of learning something new. It really is about pushing yourself. There’s nothing that you can’t do if you want to achieve it, especially today with the internet. We have so many resources online to learn new things. Good old YouTube, I’ve always gone there to learn new things. I’m so grateful to the people who take their time to create content for others to learn.

There’s just so many beneficial things that you can learn if you only look. No one has an excuse these days to not be able to learn something new. If you do enough digging there’s enough information online to get you even beyond the level of a university graduate.

I remember as a child looking through the encyclopaedia and being in awe that one book could have so much information in it. I’m still a lover of books but having the convenience of so much knowledge at the end of your fingers in a matter of seconds is no doubt convenient.

I’ll never stop loving books though. I saw a video on YouTube yesterday of a fellow Ghanaian girl who returned to our home country and set up a library. I was thinking how amazing it was and then my mind went to my own book collection. It’s something I’ve personally put a limit on purely because I don’t have as much time to read books as I would like. I do have a lot of reference books which are great but then there’s the internet.

However, I hope to have my own proper home library one day. I suppose I kind of have one already but what I mean is one specifically designated and with the purpose to be filled with books. So that anytime I want to buy a book I wont hold back, I’ll just get it because I know that it will be going in my home library where family and friends can come, sit and chill with a book on a window seat, cosy corner or the rocking chair with a book in hand.

I recently started listening to audio books. That’s cool as well because it works out perfect with multitasking, goes well when I’m making art especially.

Oh yes, I have a new video out today on YouTube don’t forget to check it out, I’d really appreciate it 😊

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