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Day 48: Multi Tasking

Ok so I was writing so much yesterday that I actually ran out of time to write my daily blog post. I’m so sick of writing but I think that’s a good thing because I knew I hated writing before I started this so it would be natural for me to feel like this right now.

I’m almost half way through this 100-day project. Its been ok so far, something to keep me busier than I already am. 😊

So, I actually had an idea yesterday. I’ve been busy writing a book about being a single mother as I’ve been a single mother for 12 years now Alhamdolillah (thank God). with all this writing that I’ve been doing, (there’s this blog and I have also started a blog about cupping therapy too) I thought it might be a good idea to write about the struggles of an artist.

It came to my mind because I do look online for ways on how to grow my business as an artist and I always come across ‘successful’ artist saying either the same things or nothing at all. Tips that most of the time aren’t really tips.

As an artist that struggles to sell their work, I would like to know what other artist do to grow so quickly or get a good flow of sales. Now I know business, any business takes a lot of work in order to grow and really do well and I’m not talking about artists that have spent years building their business. I’m talking about those who seemed to come from nowhere and get popular overnight.

Maybe that doesn’t make any sense to you but ill give you an example. So, take YouTube as a platform, there are accounts on there I have seen that have started new to YouTube and within the space of a few months their platforms have grown like crazy. They have thousands of subscribers and also views.

When I see things like this I’m confused as to what some people must be doing in order to grow. I think to myself there must be a secret. Whatever it is I don’t need to know it. The point I’m trying to make is that when people look at me and say things like- ‘oh your art is so nice you should be selling loads!’ yes and thank you, that is my dream actually.

I wish that I could sit and paint full time and make lots of art that blesses the homes of people with colour and shapes and pattern.

I wish that I could make a living from my art.

But Alhamdolillah I’m so happy with what I’m doing now. I’m not a one tract kind of girl. I’ve always enjoyed doing different things. Yes, art is my passion but I’m a very passionate woman and I have passions other than art.

At the moment I’m really loving running The Niqabi Diaries podcast, I love meeting Muslim women online and sharing their stories and listening to them.

I’ve also been working part time as a cupping therapist for more a couple of years, before that it was just a hobby that I used to practice a few days a week. I love doing that because I get to help people and I can feel that even in the short term I’m making a difference for someone.

So, in reality I have always been someone who multi tasks and I know it will always be like that. I’m no one track pony. I love doing different things. For me I am an artist so everything that I do is art. I take pride in the work that I do and I work hard to perfect my trade whatever it is.

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