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Day 47: Blogging About Art Part 2

So yesterday I mentioned at the beginning that I didn’t understand the point of writing about art in respect of what the art is supposed to be about if it is indeed subjective.

Now I’m thinking of the benefits to the artist to write about ones work and talk about it. Yes, I’m sure I sound hypocritical right now but I’m trying to work through what I don’t understand the point of because I want to agree that there is in fact a point.

So, for me personally I like the aspect or talking about my work in the sense of talking about the process itself and how I came up with the ideas.

Sometimes as an artist we get inspiration for work that comes from very interesting sources. Sometimes we create work based purely on experimentation and trying to learn something new so we don’t have an idea if it will really work well or not. Its just a matter of risk and trial. There are times when I’ve tried new things and they’ve been complete fail. I may have enjoyed the process but the result could be a complete mess.

Sometimes you start working on something and you just end up working on it way too much. Even if you know what you’re doing and have experience and generally even enjoy the process there can be a certain amount of stress that comes about while creating it.

Talking about the process of art can be enlightening maybe for people who are interested in art but maybe don’t create art themselves or understand the process of art. Especially these days when there are so many cheap art canvas prints available in shops like Argos or TK Max.

People seem to think that if they buy a cheap canvas print from there that when they come to you as an artist it should be the same price or even cheaper!

I remember being approached by someone who asked me to do a commission piece for them and one of their reasoning's was that they had seen a canvas print but found it way too expensive so they thought that since I’m an artist I could make it and they would pay me for it instead as they believed that it would be cheaper for them! Can you imagine?

An artist takes time to create beauty and expression yet it often goes unappreciated by others who will compare it to a cheap mass-produced commercial print that anyone and his uncle can buy. Not only that but those types of mass-produced products are not respected and do not increase in value as real art can and should over a period of time.

So, this is the world I live in. this is the world that many struggling artists as myself live in.

As a child I used to think Van Gogh was crazy and even foolish for having killed himself over his art. I’m not saying that’s what I feel like doing now but as an adult trying to make a living from my work and facing these kinds of unpleasant situations, I can totally understand what the poor guy must have been going through.

Many of my paintings are a headache for me in the process. I love painting in oil, it’s a passion of mine and I thirst to create a new painting. I wish that I could indeed spend the majority of my time creating art and paintings but life hasn’t afforded me that at the moment.

I’m an entrepreneur that has a long way to go and as I haven’t been gifted with having artwork that flies through the door every time I put it up for sale I have to make sure that I have other reliable sources of income.

It doesn’t mean however that I am not skilled or that my work should be cheap. I labour hard over my art. With every stroke of the brush I desire to create work that I am not on proud to sell but I am so in love with it I don’t care if it doesn’t sell at all.

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