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Day 45: Learning from Mistakes

I’ve been working all day today on Pinterest. I thought it would be a good idea to make a space when I can pin my podcast episodes from my YouTube channel. I spent a good four hours getting a batch of pins together to upload at once. Took time and filled in all the text and stuff. Then I sent it to post, 32 pins in total.

Guess what happened? Well, for some reason none of the pins uploaded and I lost all of them. Yes all. I had to start from scratch writing the copy for them and putting in the individual links.

It was my fault actually. I should have copied everything to a Word document before trying to upload 32 pins at once. Oh me, oh my! What could I do but start all over again from scratch?

I was talking about being bored yesterday and now I’ve ended up doing one of the most annoying things that once can do to themselves in this type of work which is not keeping a copy. I should know better. Just as well it wasn’t something really serious.

I managed to get them all redone. This time I uploaded them one by one. I worked on them in batches and then just uploaded one at a time so I could be sure that they were actually uploading.

I can’t remember the last time I posted a pin on Pinterest, its been a few years to say the least. Not that I haven’t used the app since then, its great for inspiration and a bit of research here and there. But I can’t remember the last time I looked at something and thought- oh let me pin that to my Pinterest board.

I didn’t realise the link that Pinterest had with blogging. Its only after watching some YouTube tutorials that I realised if I’m to have a blog and get anywhere with it that I need to be using Pinterest (apparently) oh and there’s this thing called Tailwind too which is an absolute must if you really want to use Pinterest effectively for your blogging business. So that’s another thing that I’ve got to get on top of ASAP.

Its my week for working on my blog from tomorrow (not this blog, my other serious blog about cupping therapy) so it looks like I’ll be really busy, but I plan to start with getting some actual blog posts ready to upload and I also have some pins ready to go.

I feel like I’ve never written so much in my life.

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