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Day 44: Feeling Bored Even Though I’m Technically Busy?

Do you ever have loads of things to do yet still feel bored while you’re doing them?

That’s how I felt today. I’ve been so motivated in my work recently which is great and I’ve really been enjoying it. The more I work the more ideas I seem to be getting.

I’ve been so full or ideas I’ve even been dreaming new ideas as I sleep. Nothing major, I’m not about to save the world from poverty or anything like that. Just dreaming about different stages of my work, my podcast and blog and how I want them to look.

So, after my ideas that had appeared to me in my dreams last night, I woke up full of fire ready to take on the day’s tasks, and it started well. It really did. I think its still going well, except for one thing…

I started to feel really bored.

I don’t know why but it happens sometimes. Maybe its my minds way of telling me that I need a break. Usually the biggest indicator that I’m bored is that I feel like eating even when I’m not hungry. Usually when I’m busy like this I forget all about food so when I feel like eating for no reason during the middle of work, I know it can only be one thing: boredom.

What made it even more interesting today was that I bought myself a batch of home-made brownies from a local young lady who bakes. I love supporting local businesses especially young women.

Anyhow I still carried on work for the day, having my bff on the other end of the video call made a good little distraction to keep me entertained while doing my work. So, I managed to complete my daily tasks without completely going astray.

He feeling of boredom is so annoying. Although I’m fully functioning it makes me feel that I’m not doing anything even if I am. Its so strange how a lack of focus can throw you off the ball even if its just a little bit.

I think I often feel like that with my writing because its still not something that I’m used to doing. Especially writing according to my own personal tasks. Its not like when I was in school and had to write essays about books I’d read or particular subjects. This is different, its me holding myself accountable for myself.

So weird actually. I think that’s one of the reasons why I started this 100-day blog challenge even thought I feel pretty sick of it right now I have confidence that it will be worth it in the end. Besides I’m almost half of the way through and knowing me by the time I’ve finished it I’ll have another challenge to start.

I like to keep things interesting you know. Got to keep pushing the learning curve.

That’s what keeps things fresh and exciting which helps keep the boredom away.

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