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Day 43: When its Time to Move On

When one door closes another one opens.

I love this saying not only because its true but when I think about it from my perspective, I see it as a responsibility. Usually people say this when they’ve been let go from a job or they feel they’ve missed out on an opportunity. But for me it’s even more that than. For me it goes well with the saying – you can’t expect different results doing the same thing. So basically, sometimes it is us that need to close certain doors in order for another door to be opened.

That is the burden of responsibility that we all have towards ourselves in this life. We can’t simply sit like ducks waiting for the waves to change or for a bigger bird to come and stir the water. Sometimes we’ve got to shake our tails and flap those wings ourselves so that we can move differently in order to get to the next stage in our journey.

It comes down to being proactive instead of just reactive.

Be the change maker, be the change, change yourself, change your routines, change your habits. If its not working this way then just try another way.

That doesn’t mean change every five minutes either because obviously some things need time to see if its going to work out or not. But don’t be afraid to make that change when it clearly isn’t working. At least look to other avenues and ways of doing things. Maybe its possible to try a few ways at once, depending on what you’re doing?

For example, being an entrepreneur is often not about just having one job, usually an entrepreneur will have a few side hustles going or different income streams in order to make a living. This is also a good way to test the waters and to see what works and where your energy is best used.

I had been working as a painter and decorator previously. The money was decent but the clientele could be a real pain in the ass, not to mention very long work hours which left me little or no time for other business. But I did it for a couple of years, it was my bread and butter.

Eventually though after one bad client too many I decided it was time for a shift in my way of working. I had more skills than what I was actually getting paid for and I didn’t like spending long hours for days on end away from my children. My desire was to spend most of my time working from home.

So, it was down to me to close that ‘door’, now I say no to decorating work. I’m still at the beginning of this journey but I’ve made a start. I have chosen to say no to decorating work, even when people are begging me, it’s not my responsibility and I don’t need to feel obliged to help someone sort out their house. I’m done with that. Period.

I now can spend my time working on the other things that I love doing and start and soon Insha Allah (God willing) complete some new projects that I simply would have not had the time or energy for if I was still doing decorating work.

It is in the early stages and I definitely need to study my progress and see if these new ideas and ways of working will work out in the long run but the point is that I have made a change and change is good. It should be embraced when it is necessary to do. We shouldn’t be afraid of it. We have to take that leap and jump to start something new.

What’s the worst that can happen after all?

Its not like it will be the end of the world will it?

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