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Day 42: Addicted to Work

Its really exciting working to a schedule and completing tasks.

I’ve been wondering why over the past few weeks I’ve been feeling tired even though I haven’t been going out that much. I realised today that maybe its because my mind is busy with so many things. And even more than that I think that there’s an element of satisfaction overflow that I’ve been able to complete set tasks to schedule.

Its true what they say- when you do what you love your wont work again a day in your life. I really feel like this right now. I know that I’m working hard, I have to tell myself that it is work so as not to get distracted by people that want me to leave my house to do things for them or take my attention in other ways.

Working from home is really great. Making sure I complete my set tasks and planning and scheduling is fantastic. I’ve already talked about it before but I almost feel like I’m getting ahead of myself time wise. At the same time, I’m trying to make sure that I’m going to utilise my ‘spare’ time for self-care because that is oh so important.

I had to force myself to take a soak in the tub the other day. I actually had time for it but I actually had to force myself otherwise I’d end up doing some other work ahead of schedule.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being ahead of schedule. I do like to be ahead because it means that there’s space for new ideas to be formed and even executed. Not only that but I’m learning as I go along. There are so many things that I don’t know at the moment, especially with running an online business. So, I do spend a considerable amount of time trying to learn new things, usually I don’t consider that my working time. Its usually tutorials on YouTube that I look up out of curiosity to see where I can go to next and what I should be doing in order to grow my business or videos that I’ve stumbled upon via the recommended videos that YouTube shows me.

I do like to learn new things, sometimes I do feel it can be a bit of an overwhelm, especially when its not something that I need straight away. I learn better when I have a go at what I’m doing at once and usually if there’s some repetition that goes with it if it happens to be something quite complicated.

But learning is fun as you work because that in itself make you feel like you are doing even more work and accomplishing more things. If that makes sense?

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