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Day 41: Avoiding Boredom and Playing the Waiting Game

I really hate being bored.

I rarely happens actually because I always have something to do but sometimes boredom kicks in. it’s usually those days that I know I need to do something that I don’t really want to do at all and the thing that I planned to do I cant wait to do it at that time and have to wait to do it.

I think boredom for me is a type of procrastination actually because there’s really no reason to be bored. Its really me being stubborn and refusing to actually do that one task that is completely possible right now in this moment but refusing to do it.

So why am I avoiding such tasks? Isn’t it counterproductive? I still need to do them anyways so what’s the point in delaying them? Shouldn’t I be more strict with myself?

Well yes and no. I think it depends, sometimes I find that being bored or rather procrastination on some tasks can later benefit me if I regret wasting that time because I know that I shouldn’t have wasted it and then push me further into rapid action and super productivity. Other times the boredom will be a reminder to me that actually I need to take a break and maybe do some self-care and that it is ok to just chill sometimes. Take that time to think or read that book etc.

I actually have a boredom list of things to do when I feel like I’m bored. Because sometimes its not that I’m feeling lazy or procrastinating, sometimes I’m bored because I’ve just run out of ideas on what to do. Or at least I think I’ve run out of ideas.

Sometimes its just down to the fact that I’ve been so busy or had so much going on that when a little downtime comes, I’m almost at a loss.

That why its good to have a list. I like lists because when you have that list to look at and you can pick something to do it and then you complete that task you can tick it off your list- and that feels really good. Sometimes if I complete a bunch of tasks that weren’t on a list I could have spent the whole day being busy but by the end of it when I sit down I’ll forget half of what I’ve done that day or someone will say -what have you been up to and I’ll reply- ‘nothing’.

This ‘nothing’ is usually the nothing that many stay at home mothers or wives might feel a lot of the time. Doing the house chores and other seemingly mundane tasks that many of us just don’t like doing. But in fact, these tasks are not nothing, they are really something.

They may be a boring set of things to do as they are part of our daily life but they are the necessities and we shouldn’t feel that doing them is nothing.

So, if we feel bored maybe its our mindset that needs to shift a little? Maybe we need to appreciate ourselves more for the tasks we do each day and maybe we could do something new or in a new way to make those every day or boring tasks seem less boring.

If we perhaps do them more purposefully with a goal to be able to something else at the end of completing them in mind, we will feel a greater sense of achievement.

If we write down our mundane tasks together with our ideas of things to do when we are bored and then tick them off the list once they are complete, we won’t feel so bored? Then maybe we will also be able to make better use of our time, especially when we are delayed in doing things that were previously planned for us to do.

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