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Day 40: Taking Time To be Grateful.

Every day is a new beginning and we should be grateful for that.

None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes, but with each day we should try to move on past what has gone before of the bad and the not so good.

Actually, we could even try to move on from the good. I say this because sometimes people sit and reminisce about the good times that they’ve had before. This isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, but I think that if the individual is maybe not living what they consider to be their ‘best life’ at this present time they may fall into heartache, depression or even despair of what has gone before that they enjoyed and no longer feel they have.

It is important to look for the good things in each day to appreciate them. I know that its cliché to say it but we should always look on the bright side of life.

One thing that I always try to tell myself is that my day is as good as I make it to be. Yes, in life we will definitely fall into circumstances and situations that are not always in our control and sometimes could not be avoided. These situations and times are the things that we are tested in life by. A test of our characters and also lessons to help us grow mentally and spiritually to make us more resilient.

If you wake up in the morning and you find that you have no hot water and then you go to the kitchen and realise that the boiler is off because the electricity ran out and as a result of that your fridge and freezer are not on and the food you had in them has started to defrost already and spoil for example, don’t tell yourself that you’re going to have a bad day.

Yes, you may very well be annoyed because this problem has had a knock-on effect and made you late for work or for a meeting. Or perhaps you couldn’t even go to work in the end because you had to call the plumber and wait for him to come out and fix the boiler or you had to wait for the electrician to come. Don’t tell yourself that the day was bad.

Maybe, just maybe the day that you had planned for yourself wasn’t going to be the lesson that you needed to learn that day. Maybe having a day of plain sailing wasn’t going to be as beneficial to you as this day you think is now ruined will teach you.

Maybe you have been averted by some bigger catastrophe that would have taken place if you had gone according to that day’s schedule as planned.

Don’t cry over the spilt milk. Learn a new way to clean it. A new and effective way that doesn’t take as much time as usual but is good enough to remove the milk from the carpet without smelling later on.

Don’t tell yourself that – ‘today isn’t your day’. Do not curse yourself like that. Every day that you are on this planet is yours. It is yours because you have been given life this day so that you can live. Live and grow and learn.

You can always grow because you can always learn. Learning doesn’t have to be a particular course that’s going to get you a certificate. It could be something as simple as reflecting deeply on some of your previous ‘bad days’ and how you reacted to them when in fact you could have and should have taken a proactive approach.

Think about what matters to you in life and then think about what matters to you today. To get the best out of like practice being grateful for the small things that you miss because you are busy with more ‘important’ things.

Take time to acknowledge that no day is bad, it is in fact our actions or reaction to events that can be bad because we fail to look for the lessons of each day and be grateful for them.

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