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Day 4: I Can't Wait for Day 100

You know when you have so many thoughts in your mind but at the same time because you can’t make any sense of them it’s like you literally have no thoughts at all? Does anyone else experience that or is it just me?

OK so today I woke up did some art photography for video editing I need to do for my YouTube channel, then it occurred to me that I hadn't written my daily blog post. Damn I thought, its tomorrow already? I literally feel like I just wrote a post. Well I suppose I kind of did because it was just yesterday but when you feel like the days are all rolling into one (like I often do since lockdown started, which I love actually- #areyouintrovertedtoo ?) it’s like you have to really be conscious of what you did and when just so that you won’t completely lose track of time and what you're doing.

Yeah, I'm definitely in the I can’t be bothered to write today mode, I think purely because my mind was ready and set since yesterday to edit videos today which is something I don't particularly enjoy, although I don't completely hate it but it’s definitely one of those chores that I often do a ton of procrastination with. I've got about 30 art videos to edit, which in principle is great but I know I'm gonna be bored out of my mind doing it. At least that's what I tell myself so that I can keep putting it off till never.

I've taken extra steps to be more disciplined. I noticed that with my other project- The Niqabi Diaries Podcast, I'm really organised and I get my videos and podcast episodes ready on time, I always have my interviews scheduled and set up well in advance. So, I thought to myself- that's actually going really well and I don't feel in any way stressed out or pressured by it. I figured out this is because I have set times of the month that I do interviews, edit them and have the podcasts ready to post each week. I literally take one week in the month which I dedicate to the podcast so It doesn't build up. Because I sort everything out pretty much as soon as I've done the interviews if there is some kind of problem later on its easy to fix.

As they say if you fail to plan you plan to fail and I definitely don't want to do that. So, I decided to do the same for my video editing. I've picked out one week in the month the edit my art videos and this week is it. I personally prefer to start my week from Sunday so while others may count that as the end of the week or the weekend, it’s the first day of the week for me so I don't have to hate Mondays as much. When I get a good chunk of work done on a Sunday its great actually because I feel like I've really set myself up for the week. Then even if I do have a lazy attack, I can reflect on the work I've actually done knowing that I've met my targets. So, I was hoping to be able to edit 10 videos this week. I'm going to start after this blog post insha Allah (God willing). I don't intend for the videos to be long and some of them I’ll do as time lapses (maybe) so I'm not expecting the editing to take that long but seeing as I am technically deficient in these kind of things it could take longer than I expect, but we'll see.

In all honestly the way I feel right now I could just crawl back into bed and go to sleep. But I'm gonna prioritise editing. even if I only do one video, then if I still feel a bit sleepy I’ll have a nap. At least then it will be a little reward for having completing a task. Better than just going to sleep without having started.

Gosh 20 minutes seems a lot longer when you don't want to do something. I’ve still got about 4 minutes. i should have set my timer but I was too lazy to even do that and now I keep checking the clock to see how much time is left for this 20 minute post. It’s still a 3 minute read and I'm just under 4000 characters. I’ll do the word count in word later but I find that I feel a bit more motivated to type straight into my website blog page. I just wanna lie down and sleep, hate feeling lazy but really, having a nap feels like it’s gonna be a priority over the editing right now.

Here's a photo I just took of some recent work:

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