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Day 39: Getting Ahead of Myself

One of the things that I’ve noticed recently about the new way that I’m working and my organisation process is that I feel further ahead than I am a lot of the time.

So, for example about a month ago I had an extremely busy week in which I had about 14 meetings scheduled for my podcast. Its was a great week Alhamdolillah (Praise be to God). I love being busy and productive, so that makes me happy having a really busy week where I actually get something done.

As I have already mentioned in previous posts, I’ve set aside particular work for set weeks of each month. This has got to be one of the best things that I’ve ever done in relation to me being productive. I love this way of working because being the kind of person I am that loves to do so many different things and constantly having different projects, I finally feel that now with this new system I’m actually getting somewhere.

What I’ve found is that working intensely in one week focusing on set tasks that I’m actually completing the tasks within the week most off the time and sometimes I’m even completing them before the week ends.

As a result of this I noticed that I’ve been thinking that the time is later than it actually is OR that a week that has past was longer ago than it was. For example, the week that I had 14 meetings scheduled for my podcast happened and then the week after that I felt like that week was 2 weeks previous when it had only been the week before. You get what I’m saying?

Then when I thought that it was a week later than it actually was, I almost felt a sense of panic as if I had missed something or as if I was short of time. When in fact I was actually ahead of schedule (technically) I was still sticking to my routing of set tasks for each week of the month but as I don’t pay much attention to dates the way that I should.

At the moment I’m trying to do my best to maximise my time, however I’m working extra when I complete my tasks earlier because I know that I’m at an advantage due to the lockdown. Having more time at home means that I can focus more and do my work and have enough energy to do so.

I find that I dot have an issue with motivating myself to do my work and even if I feel a bit lazy at times, because I have a set schedule and specific tasks to complete, I don’t waste time because I have that drive to get them done.

I know this period of time wont last forever so I’m utilising this time to the best of my ability by making sure I get the bulk work done for different projects. Making sure I set the groundwork and structure which will make following tasks easier to continue to run my projects effectively.

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